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“All the dishes rattle in the cupboards when the elephants arrive”

October 30, 2007

Me and Jake have been rather comfortably falling back into being friends.  It’s interesting from a sort of outside perspective, and we have a lot of fun hanging out.  There is some weirdness, but not much – i think we are both so over it that we can acknowledge bits and pieces about having been together without it making things fucked up, which is nice.  We even went through the *ahem* bedside drawer last night – all part of the process of divvying up our mutual belongings.  That was a little awkward.  Perhaps surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all, just kinda weird.

We’ve been shooting the shit about the running around having fun we’ve done since the breakup, which has been kind of funny.  Oh, and when i was telling her about the halloween pirate fun, she said “you really don’t have any appreciation for how hot you are.”  And, well, i guess not…i kinda don’t believe her.  But it was a damn nice, and kind of embarassing, ego boost.  She’s also been bragging about getting laid.  And, okay, she’s always done that sort of thing – i know she’s a braggart and has no shame…hell, that’s one of the reasons i fell for her.  And, i certainly don’t care who she sleeps with (honestly, i’m kind of surprised how much i’m not attracted to her anymore and don’t care what – or who – she does).  But it’s been pissing me off.  Because i’m jealous – i’m not getting laid, god damn it!  And i guess that reaction really means that we’re just friends.

Lady Brett
“Love You Madly” – Cake

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