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“When a crumpled up pair of trousers lost a brand new dime”

October 30, 2007

I went to the laundromat for the last time last night (last time for a while anyway, my new place has a laundry in the building).  It was packed.  Well, packed with clothes – my laundromat is pretty cool, so there are never a whole lot of people because people tend to wander in and out rather than sit with their stuff the whole time.  But i got there and there were 3 washers open – the monday night rush, apparently, but that was fine.  I come back to switch my laundry and there is only one dryer, and no way my stuff will all fit in it.  So i put one load in and hope that whoever has the 4 dryers with 3 minutes left on them will show up on time and move their shit.

Lo and behold, guy actually shows up as the dryer is beeping.  I think, oh goody, he’ll unload his stuff and i can put my big pile of wet laundry that’s sitting, waiting by the dryers in.  But, rather than move his clothes to a basket to put them away, he decided he has to take each peice of laundry out of the dryer individually.  So, he starts hanging up his t-shirts.  I think, well, okay, this won’t take that long, i’ll just wait for him to hang up this load and move on to the next.  About 12 minutes later – the man is about halfway through hanging up the one load – this dude whips up in his sporty car, comes in, opens a dryer with 5 minutes left on it, dumps the contents into a cardboard box and heads out. 

I pounce.  And get 5 minutes of free drying.  But i still don’t know why the guy couldn’t have moved his shit when the laundromat was that packed and he was taking up a good third of the dryer space.  Or how he possibly managed to take more than 10 minutes hanging up like 10 shirts.  I was a little miffed, but mostly it was just funny.

Lady Brett
“Dime” – Cake

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