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“I think I know what’s wrong”

June 6, 2007

My review of the Republican debate from last night.  As a disclaimer, i have cramps, and while i don’t really do the pms thing, being in pain makes me grumpy and bitchy.  Then again, so does stupid politics, so take your pick.

Since i wasn’t overly impressed with anyone in particular, let’s just go through some of the points.  This may be a bit more detailed than yesterday’s since i’m writing it right after i watched the debate, instead of the next day.

Nearly the first thing that came up was a number of the candidates saying, essentially, that invading Iraq was the right thing to do, we succeeded when we toppled Hussein, but that they didn’t anticipate the problems that came up after that.  What kind of fucking idiot didn’t anticipate problems in Iraq?  I know that i’m a big hippie, but that is not why i opposed invading Iraq.  I opposed it because, as a 19-year-old, it was plainly fucking obvious that – among other problems, perhaps – we did not have a whit of a plan to deal with the possibility of things not going peachy keen; and because the chances of things not going peachy keen after you go into a foreign country and topple their government are pretty high.

Mitt Romney was, of course, questioned about his Mormonism.  He responded first by quoting JFK’s response about his Catholicism.  But then ha said something along the lines of, yes, I’m Mormon, but basically “I believe in the same things as faiths all across America;” the Bible, Jesus Christ, etc.  Excuse me if i don’t think “Christians” is the same as “faiths all across America.”

John McCain favors Nuclear power, with nary a mention of any other form of alternative energy.  Nuclear power is a fauxsolution, but it’s politically expedient, and all the Dems will be touting it too when the time comes, i’m sure.

Wolf Blitzer (to moderator) used a prompt something like this to start the debate on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: “Recently we’ve learned” that a number of Arabic and other specialized linguists were kicked out of the military for being gay [emphasis added].  I found that out in 2003.  Is 4 years ago recent, or is it just news to the professional politics people.  As for the ‘debate’ on DADT, everyone thinks it is working just fine; though McCain and a few others specifically mentioned that what our military needs is more people.  Hmm, where ever could we find more people?

It wasn’t all bad.  McCain responded very well to an audience question about getting out of Iraq by someone who had lost a family member.  Most importantly, he expressed his sympathy/gratitude without sounding like an asshole or an idiot, which is actually very difficult.  And he answered her question.  He also got out of his chair to address her, which was very effective in expressing “this is a very serious, important question, and i care,” but which had the unfortunate side effect of causing subsequent speakers to stand up to answer nearly every question.

Tommy Thompson had a really good quote about the Republicans needing to get back to small government.  He said that if both parties are proposing spending a ton of money “the voters are going to vote for the professional spenders: the Democrats,” not the amateur spenders: the Republicans.

Giuliani had a good moment when a woman asked something about how they planned to get moderate republicans involved; he said “nominate me.”

Everyone but the big 3 was, well, not important ’cause they haven’t got a chance.  Huckabee is a preacher, so he’s a fairly good speaker, and defended his anti-evolution vote more eloquently and middle-grounded than i expected.  Ron Paul is in it for about the same reason as Kucinich in the Dems: comic relief.  That’s not meant to be mean, Ron Paul was the only one up there who meant what he said when he talked about the merits of the free market, but no one is going to take him seriously.

I don’t remember who said the Repubs are the “party of principle,” but, well, i’ll elaborate later about my not having principles or morals or values.

Lady Brett
“Pushing the Needle Too Far” – Indigo Girls

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  1. June 6, 2007 3:43 pm

    Why do you say you do not have principles, morals or values with pride? That is reprehensible. No principles means you think stealing, cheating, robbing, breaking laws are just fine with you. No morals means you believe in free sex, doing drugs and committing murder as part of your life choices and no values means you can never be trusted, or depended on for anything. How utterly sad and to make it worse you live in America. If you and your ilk are the majority in America, then I think we really should bring our troops home yesterday because you are not worth dying for.

  2. June 6, 2007 3:54 pm

    Sorry for the confusion – that last bit was sarcasm. I was afraid that might not be clear enough, but i was trying to tie up quickly. What i mean is that it makes me irate when people imply that, somehow, my being liberal/progressive/Democratic/whatever means that i am what you described, among other things. Now i really need to get that follow-up written. =)

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