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“There’s no place like home and none more pleasin'”

June 7, 2007

It’s summer time, and for a moment here it is summer in that lovely nice happy way, which i will do my best to savor without thinking about how soon it will be summer in that miserable sunburnt way.  The yardstick, i think, is the nighttime weather – i can keep up my spirits as long as some part of the day is nice.

For now there is hiking, which we had kind of forgotten to keep doing.  But now the sun stays out long enough that there is time to go up the mountain after work.  Well, not a mountain, but it is a peak, and it is only just outside of the city.  We went sunday and tuesday, and rumor has it we will go again today.  (This is assuming my baby won’t lose track of time and will get home before 9:30, as we missed the movie last night for that reason.)  But free outdoor movies at sundown are another feature of the less-than-shitty end of summer.

I have the urge to make myself a summery dress.  Something thin and white and flowy.  We shall see.  Anyhow, if i keep on with these sewing projects i’ll be wearing a lot more skirts – i’m a bit leery of trying to make things more complicated.  Tops aren’t so difficult either as long as they don’t have sleeves (or, alternately, if they have sleeves like my ren-fest shirt).

Now would be the time to check out that place down the street with the expensive cocktails (which i hear are worth it) and patio.

Lady Brett
“Southland in the Springtime” – Indigo Girls

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