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“Kissin’ ass on music row”

June 5, 2007

My thoughts on Sunday’s Democratic debate, thanks to (Who needs television when you have hi-speed internet at work?):

I was impressed with Bill Richardson.  I knew very little about him before this, so it was easier for him to impress me (the top 3 i know enough about that they’d have to really shine).  He came off as a bit pushy, but he answered nearly every question posed to him with a specific policy plan rather than his thoughts and feelings on the subject.  I think this really made him stand out in the field of second-tier candidates.

Obama is, as we know, is really good at this stuff (talking).  And he was.  About what i expected, but for him that’s pretty good.  I was impressed at how polite he was while still pointing out why he was right.

Clinton was fine.  She’s 10 points ahead of the next up in the polls, so she can afford not to be great.  The question is, for how long?  She said good things, and she did pretty well, but she has two disadvantages.  She is the front-runner, which means that people already like her, so it’s going to be really hard for her to wow them (clearly that’s not all bad).  Secondlyshe is not charismatic enough to hold her own against Obama on that count.  More importantly, i’m afraid she’s not nearly as charismatic as Giuliani (who scares me, but i hear people think he’s very charismatic).

Edward, too, did about as i expected.  Which is, admittedly, kind of mediocre.  He was trying harder to differentiate himself, while most everyone else was playing “we’re a happy family with very minor differences.”

Excepting, of course, Kucinich.  Who is, unfortunately, kind of a parody of himself.  That might be different if he had more than one issue.

Biden, Dodd and Gravel were all pretty good; it simply isn’t their race.

Looking forward to the Republican debate.

Lady Brett
“Dick in Dixie” – Hank III

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