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Foodie Friday: Hostess Edition

May 15, 2009


Not much to say here. I’ve already gone on about how cool my apron is (it’s spiderman!), though i suppose i could take advantage of this to mention how cool these retro-style aprons are. I mean, really, i might give up bad-ass-little-kid-goofy for housewife-sexy-retro…goofy.

Regarding servingware, which was most of what else we used, we got it all at Savers at the last minute (and some nice stuff Jamie has).


There was, of course, the jello mold. I got the recipe here. Thanks Google. It says jellied cranberry – i used whole, and, well, i think that’s part of the reason theirs is a lot prettier. Also, for the record, jello shots do not get sturdy enough to come out of their mold. Also also, and also for the record, having jello shots was so very not my idea.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Jamie has requested more of these, in normal-sandwich form. I thought they were pretty good too.

4 cucumbers (little pickling ones – i suppose you would need fewer if you used english…but why whould you do that?)
1 package cream cheese
dill. sorry, i didn’t measure. but, more than you think.
celery salt. didn’t measure that either, but less of it than the dill.
1 loaf Little Bread. Maybe it’s called cocktail bread? It’s super thin-sliced plain white bread. Jamie bought it, and i totally don’t know what it was.

Peel the cucumbers and slice very thin. Mix the cream cheese, dill and celery salt. Add dill and celery salt to taste (that’s what the bread butts are for – testing your recipe. Teenage assistants will be pleased.) Also, you want to mix the hell out of it, so that it gets kind more spreadable. Spread thin layers of cream cheese stuff onto two slices of bread. Layer the cucumber slices on one, and make it a sandwich. Trim off the crusts (to feed the chef, and for the pretty), and slice on both diagonals so that you get four pretty little triangles.

Sorry that was the least specific recipe ever.

Caprese Bites.

Loaf rye bread.
Grape tomatoes, cut in half.
Fresh mozzarella.
Fresh basil.

I used the smallest cutter in the biscuit-cutter set – the fluted ones, it made it super cute! – to cut (inch-and-a-half-ish) rounds out of the bread. Brush the breads with olive oil and toast them in the broiler. At this point i burned the hell out of about half of them, which i don’t recommend. Anyhow. Cut – or tear, fresh mozzarella tears very well – the cheese into pieces slightly smaller than the breads. I really wanted to get the teeny little balls of mozzarella, but couldn’t find any – i think that would look extra-professional. Layer the bread, then cheese, then small (or pieces of) basil leaves, and half a grape tomato.

I heard they were good. I suppose it’s a good sign that i didn’t actually get to try one.

Lady Brett

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