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“been baptised in beer”

February 22, 2008

Preparing to run on empty. But in the good way. Work has been busy-busy, but only about half stressful. Last night was Boss’ birthday, so, of course, we all went out and got shitty and had fun and i didn’t get home ’till about 2:30. I had the best damn time, and i’m pretty sure that goes for everyone else too. And i’ve been surprisingly fine today – no hangover, no trouble waking up, no delirium. We were rowdy at the bar, which is not really something i usually do; i think got more action in jest from straight girls and gay boys and friends in general last night than i’ve had for real all year. Which isn’t saying so much – i’ll have to work on that. Anyhow, i spent most of the latter part of the night talking and flirting and being goofy with Madam. Madam is a flirt – like, professional – so the two of us are just ridiculous. It is pure flirting, flirting for the art of flirting, not in an effort to actually get anything. And we talked. About her girlfriend (well, it’s a secret, but they aren’t still together at the moment) who is awesome. About Erin. About sex. How i am a bottom (“hmm, yeah, i was on top mostly,” Madam is the friend i fucked at a party a little while back). She does not understand the bottom thing; i tried to explain, but i couldn’t quite figure out how to make it make sense to someone who simply doesn’t feel that way.

And it may all happen again tonight. Momma and Bouncer are having a party-thing, and those are always all-night awesomefests…with a lot of alcohol. I’ll probably have to skip the derby bout to get a ride though, and i haven’t made up my mind yet. We have a show Saturday, which is always a bit of a party and sometimes a hell of a party. And – wait. When did i turn into such a rowdy? I mean, i don’t mind, but this didn’t used to be me. On the other hand, i have always been up for just about anything that came up, i think it’s just a matter of opportunity, and now i have rowdy friends to hang with. Or not-rowdy friends who i just stay up all night chatting with, to much the same effect. Jamie tells me i’m a bad influence. She’s one of the latter friends.

Other than a bit too little sleep, though, i’m so excited! We’ve got three drag shows in the next month, all of which are going to fucking rock. I’ve totally found my groove with it, my place where i don’t get stage fright, where i’m just in character and performing and having a hell of a lot of fun. I can tell i’ve gotten better – that’s mostly due to the fun bit, enjoying it is freeing. I can tell what i need to work on. I’m really excited about my music, too. It’s funny how you’re always kind of doing music research, sometimes just on accident. I’ve liked country music for a while, but now i have to listen to it so i can find new awesome and fitting songs. And i have found some cool ones. And a good blues song – i’m branching out, doing “Fortunate Son” at one of the shows, too. God i love being able to sneak my dirty hippie politics in!

Apologies if this doesn’t quite make sense – the need of sleep just set in and it’s affecting my brain.

Lady Brett
“The Lord Loves a Drinkin’ Man” – Kevin Fowler

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