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“it’s not the type to be concealing”

June 17, 2011

In response to greg’s request: “Can you please (with sugar and cherries on top) post pictures of the wedding?” here is round one. Photos of pretty stuff instead of pretty people.

A teasing answer to Sinclair's question, "what did she wear?"


All these grey hairs and i'm not even married yet.


The important part. As it would have looked had i lost my glasses.


The flower boy, hard at work. Or, entertaining himself during the boring talky part.


This is the proof that people were there. And that we gave them a lovely array of things to write with - from Jamie's (excessive) personal collection.


My mother did all the flowers. Primarily from a bush-weed growing aside our house. I've no idea where the pretty ribbon came from.


Beer! And tea and lemonade.


The food was awesome. I think i ate six bites - and no chocolate! But the caterers were lovely, and sent us off with two full bags of leftovers. Brilliant train food!


Mom made my boquet as well. She said i ought to have one red rose because that's what she carried. Also, i always think that is an old fashioned, but, of course there was only beer and tea, and that isn't actually my beverage.


I think this is my favorite of all the "stuff" photos. Directly related to my unhealthy obsession with bottlecaps, i am sure.


Jamie made that! She made the bride and broom berries as well - isn't she awesome?


In answer to Sinclair's most pressing question, "WHAT SHOES DID YOU WEAR?" And another hint in answer to "what did she wear?"


I've no idea where the balloons came from, either. I think our friends are elves. The zombies were included in the space rental.

Lady Brett

"Big, Big Love" - k.d. lang
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  1. June 17, 2011 4:26 pm

    You have given me so many reasons to smile! Thank you both for sharing these pictures, it really paints such a gorgeous picture of your wedding day. The photo of your hair is lovely and I have veil envy just by seeing that little glimmer of a piece. :) Thank you again for allowing us in and indulging my (desperate) request. xoxo I love love.

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