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“open up your eyes now”

October 2, 2009

Points of interest regarding the house – because the majority of my brain these days is used to regard the house:

The half of the living room that is finished is amazing. The color is this perfect chameleon green. I do not mean bright, baby-leaf green like drawings of chameleons; it is a green with the remarkable ability of looking white or minty or almost avocado depending on the light. That failed to make it sound attractive. But i promise it is! Anyhow, the other two walls need to be mudded, sanded and painted, but i’ve been putting it off, because the house is a disaster and the living room is clean and organized, and i can’t bear to shove all the furniture around and make it a disaster too.

I also need to trim out the living room. Due to crappy sheetrocking by the previous owners and a general case of old-house, we’re having to put very chunky trim up. Trim, you may know, is god-awfully expensive, because it is sold by the foot. In fact, trim is so expensive that, for the cost of trim for the living room, we got the appropriate number of 1×4’s and a router/router table. More work, yes, but also, more tools! Thrilling. The plan is to make Jamie paint the trim (warm white, to accent the cool of the green). I hate painting.

I also hate wood panelling. For one thing, i think it looks really tacky about 90 percent of the time. Or, in our house, 80 percent – the office actually looked good paneled, sort of, well, officey and old-fashioned. The other four (!) paneled rooms are not so hot; gloomy at best, nicotine-stained sickly-yellow at worst (that is gone, see: new living room sheetrock and paint, above).

But the main reason i hate wood panelling is that is is indestructible. Say, for example, you have a leaky window – or two – and, perhaps, a sealed-but-not-repaired ceiling leak. And all of these leaks run inside the wall. An ordinary sheetrocked wall would begin to warp or stain, it would get wet during heavy rains, it would communicate it’s distress to you long before any permanent damage could be done to any other part of the house. Paneling’s sole job is to keep up appearances. It is sturdy and boring and will continue to look sturdy and boring as water seeps out from under it, which only happens during the worst of storms. It will keep up appearances to the detriment – even death! – of its fellow construction materials.

Purely hypothetical, of course – and nothing to do with the past-tense of the office panelling looking appropriate, i’m sure. Did i mention that the office was complete – the only finished room in the house? Not that i’m bitter.

While we’re at it – i might mention that i hate parquet. I’m becoming accustomed to it visually (and i think we could do some nice things with a stain or whitewash). But it expands and buckles in humidity. And then you stub your toe on in and curse. Or the back door wont open due to bloated floor.

But, really.

I love our house. Given some of the things we have found behind the walls and under the floors, i do wish we had paid less, and i do feel we got a bit ripped off. I still love our house.

I love the plaid wallpaper in the kitchen. It will have to be replaced. I didn’t want to, but, due to “i am blind as a bat”, i was also entirely unaware that you can see the previous owner’s plate collection faded into it.

I love the tacky accents. The bedroom has one absolutely one-of-a-kind painted wall panel with quail on it. A small part of my brain is constantly engaged in trying to figure out how to keep it when we get to redoing the bedroom. The bedroom ceiling-fan light-globe has mallards on it. It’s not very nice, but the guest room one has roses, and i think it’s really nice. The original tacky lamps and light fixtures are indescribable. Also, gone. Good lord!

I love the built-in hidden paper towel and foil dispensers. I love the fireplace. I love the wood floors. I love the layout.

I really, really love planning projects. I am currently “mentally remodeling” the bathroom and kitchen, as well as the addition of a full porch, and removal of a portion of the claustrophobic stair-wall. I am currently physically remodeling whatever’s breaks next.

Mostly, though, i love that it’s our house. Yum.

So, as i said, reading about this sort of thing is probably terribly boring, but i’m still not competent for this “photography” thing. Sorry. I’ll work on it.

Lady Brett

“Tell Me What You See” – The Beatles

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  1. October 7, 2009 7:43 pm

    I like the way you describe things. And even though some of those projects and renovations might be a pain, it’s cool that you have a house to take care of. If I ever decide to settle down, I hope to be doing the same thing some day. Oh, and did I mention – pictures!

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