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“it’s been a while since i’ve been stylin’ in just my jacket and my jeans”

April 16, 2008

I love my jean jacket.

My mom bought it for herself and then decided she was too old to wear it, or some similar nonsense, and gave it to me. It is one of a couple really great articles of clothing i’ve gotten that way, which i’d never have bought for myself.

It is my springtime jacket; the jacket i wear when it is warm enough that i could just not wear a jacket at all. It makes me feel like a badass. But cute. I’m pretty sure it’s the jacket this song was talking about

I think this is deeply ingrained in me. I have a school photo from third grade of me in my acid-washed jean jacket, giving my best unsmiling “whatup.” It’s my favorite school picture ever (read: only one i didn’t hate). I think that was the year Mom forgot it was photo day, but i remembered, so instead of having to look cute, i got to wear my badass jacket. That might have been the same year the photographer thought i was a boy, so i got to do the cool boy pose instead of the silly girl pose. Hells yeah.

Yeah, so this jacket basically makes me feel like i’m as cool as i thought i was when i was eight. (note, my current jean jacket is not acid-washed!)

The buttons rattle, and since they are all down the front it’s a lovely cascading sort of thing every step.

Most importantly, though, it has magic pockets. Buttoning breast pockets, normal side hand pockets, and two deep inside pockets. Currently: about a half roll of quarters, pen, zippo, wallet,keys, phone, knife, lip gloss, data stick. You can tell there’s something in my pocket, but it doesn’t look bulky. The inside pockets are perfect size for an ipod…back when i had one, and will actually fit a can of coke – that will look bulky, but it’s still rather remarkable, and can be handy.

It’s my urban nomad jacket: perfect for exactly the weather that makes you want to be outside all day, i can still wear tight pants with fairly useless pockets, no need to carry a purse or bag, no dropping stuff when Dog yanks on the leash, and i still have almost anything i might need.

And it’s cute with a flower in the top buttonhole =)

Lady Brett
“Mercy” – Melissa Etheridge

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  1. April 21, 2008 5:14 am

    oh yeah. i have serious jean jacket envy now. i agree, there is nothing better than inside pockets. when i’m wearing my wool overcoat that has them, it makes me feel like just pulling out my wallet is a glamorous, cary-grant gesture.

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