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Bend it Like Beckham – 6/1/08 – Finally. This movie has been recommended to me by everyone since it came out. It’s pretty awesome too – very cute, but not just cute.

Indiana Jones (the new one) – 5/27/08 – Ridiculous. I mean, even for Indiana Jones. The first half was really sticking to the traditional level of silliness, but then it just went way over the top. But it was also tons of fun.

Prince Caspian – 5/18/08 – Freakin sweet battle stuff – chainmail, armor, weaponry, siege engines, the whole bit. I told the 14-year-old boy who asked if it was better than the first Narnia movie, “way cooler, but a worse movie.”

Jumper – 5/4/08 – Actiony, fun, crummy sci-fi silliness.

Good night, and good luck. – 3/29/08 – This is an exceptional movie; beautiful and engaging and important. I highly recommend the special feature video with more info on the history the movie relays.

Much Ado About Nothing – 3/24/08 – I heart Kenneth Branagh. And Emma Thompson. And Shakespeare. I do not heart Keanu Reaves, but oh well.
Serenity – 3/23/08 – Favorite movie ever. I think. I’m bad at that. Wait, no, that’s Casablanca.
The Chumscrubber – Awesome fucked up dark comedy about suburbia and, mostly, high schoolers.
Saving Face – Cute! Moreover, cute lesbian movie. But there’s way more to it than just dykeyness – lots of cute Chinese-American subculture drama/comedy.
Eddie Izzard – Dress to Kill – Second to Robin Williams, he may be the funniest man alive. In women’s clothes.
The Birdcage – So. Robin Williams. Need i say anything else? Yes? Okay, fine, Robin Williams as a gay drag club manager with parter-drag-queen Nathan Lane.
The Lord of the Rings –
yes, all of them. We’re not going to discuss exactly how much of the commentary and special features i’ve seen *ahem*.
Better than Chocolate (yes, again – a friend wanted to watch it)

Gross Pointe Blank – 11/25/07 – I love me some John Cusack. And some slightly grey action-comedy. Basically, this is your typical cheesy, sweet, funny John Cusack movie, except he’s a hit man. And his sister puts in a hell of a supporting performance as his assistant.

Dodgeball – 11/22/07 – So, i’m not a big fan of a lot of this stupid comedy stuff, but this is one of the very best of that genre.

Better Than Chocolate – 11/20/07 – Oh lesbian pulp! Indeed, the genre, according to the side of the video box, is “erotic comedy.” What could be better? And it is sexy and funny – also full of cute dykey girls and some drama/social commentary. Oh, and it has an awesome soundtrack that i need to get ahold of.

Brother Outsider – 9/6/07 – Documentary about Bayard Rustin, a black, gay civil rights leader. It’s interesting, because it appears that he was very prominent, but no one (ordinary) has heard of him. Very interesting movie, well made, beautiful gospel music. Of course, i am a sucker for stuff on the civil rights movement – it always speaks so strongly to me.

The Celluloid Closet – 8/3/07 – Documentary on the portrayal of lesbians and gays in film. Interesting and kind of depressing – though some of the interviewees/commentators are really funny.

The Wizard of Oz – 8/1/07 – Lord. I hadn’t seen this since i was a kid. Oh, the camp. It was very different than what little i remembered. Also, i love the cowardly lion.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 7/27/07 – The 1990 live-action one. I, um, love the Ninja Turtles. Especially Raphael. Jake hadn’t seen it, and she was up for something stupid…but i don’t think she liked it as much as me. This is a profoundly silly, bad, awesome move (a la the 1960s Batman movie), i highly reccomend it =)

The Bourne Identity – 7/25/07 – A movie well worth watching on the big screen. I’d seen it before, but this upholds that it is, indeed, a totally kick-ass action movie. Not just in the “ooh, cool, stuff exploding!” (there is a lot of that) way, but also is the sneaky, interesting, the government is lying to you black-ops way.

Sicko – 7/7/07 – Probably the most documentary-like Michael Moore movie, which is to say he is not on screen as much, and he mostly just interviewas people. Basically, the only stunt he pulls is the trip to Cuba, which you have probably already heard about. It’s one-sided (duh.) but at least the one side is our side. Overall, it was not mind-blowing to me, but i am a big cynic, so i wasn’t really surprised by the sick shit he shows. Worth watching, but not his best (that would be Bowling for Columbine).

Goldfinger – 6/27/07 – It’s fuckin’ James Bond, of course it’s cool! That said, Goldfinger is one of the classics; one of the best. I’ll just say this: James Bond saves the world not by fighting (which he is not very good at), not by spying (which he is worse at), but by fucking the right girl at the right time (which, it is implied, he is very good at).

The Lost Boys – 6/21/07 – Let’s just sum it up with it’s tagline: “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never Die. It’s fun to be a vampire.” Fucking sweet 80s movie about a bunch of teenage punk vampires, headed by Kiefer Sutherland. Also starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and Ted from Bill and Ted. It is so very worth the $5 i bought it for a few years back. And the death and blood is so silly and overdone that it doesn’t even gross me out.

Shrek 2 – 6/20/07 – Another outdoor movie night. And a movie i would totally recomend. It’s simply really funny, and the plot is surprisingly cool (given that it’s a sequel to a kids movie). Basically, what could be bad about a movie with a fairy godmother as the bad guy, and the “ugly stepsister” transvestite bartender. It’s raunchy for a kids movie too (in that “if you get it it’s too late” way that they can get away with).

Jaws – 6/13/07 – What can i say, it’s Jaws. I hadn’t seen it in a long time, so i totally didn’t recognize it at first (it said it was going to play Spiderman); it didn’t really look familiar till they were on the boat, of course. It’s a pretty cool movie, i like how understated the action-adventure is, perhaps because it is old, but i think it’s way more effective that way. Also, it was outdoors on a big screen, which was sweet.

Pirates of the Carribean: at World’s End – 5/31/07 – My baby took me out for my birthday! I can’t remember the last time i went to the theater to see a movie, but this is definitely big-screen material. I wouldn’t say it was good, per se, but hot damn it was a lot of fun. I’m of the firm opinion that no movie (barring LotR) should be 3 hours, but i must admit i enjoyed the whole damn thing – preposterous, silly, actiony – much like the 2nd one, with a bit more voodoo-hoodoo-underworld stuff.

28 Days Later – 5/30/07 – I saw this in theaters with my boyfriend at the time, but Jake hadn’t seen it. She had to hold me; i’m becoming a huge wimp in my old age. But, gross and creepy aside, it is a very good zombie movie (though the zombieness is arguable).

…So Goes the Nation – 5/29/07 – My boss sent me home with this documentary about the 2004 presidential campaigns in Ohio. Really fucking interesting (and filled me with dread, but i’ll elaborate on that elsewhere). It is, i’d say, a must watch, but it is not one of those documentaries that is a super good movie (such as Super Size Me or Enron), simply straightforward and important.

Children of Men – 5/28/07 – Neat. I wasn’t thrilled, but it was a cool movie (Jake was far more impressed). Kind of creepy. Michael Caine was fantastic (of course).

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