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“i must live with my quiet rage”

October 1, 2012

I have to brag on my boys.

This story is secondhand, as Jamie does most of the carting the kids about to various appointments.  In this particular case, they were there with their sister, who is in another foster home, and her current foster sister and foster mom.  Clear as mud?  So the score is two parents, two two-year-old girls, and our boys (two and three).

After a few hours in a waiting room (and a number of other interesting forms of entertainment, such as making 9-year-olds cry) the girls decided to entertain themselves by pouring their chips on the floor and jumping on them, at which point Meathead marched over with his best angry face (and really, no one does angry face better) and yelled “NO!”.  Mowgli followed up with “Make mess.  Go timeout!”

I’m so proud.  Being a hardass has it’s merits.

Man, sometimes i feel like an asshole, though.  Of course, the only other person we know raising toddlers is also the only person who doesn’t think we are too hard on them.  Coincidence?

-Lady Brett

"Lovers' Eyes" - Mumford & Sons (Jamie loves me; you can see this by my new CD)
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