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“How come things never go smooth?”

August 7, 2012

Step 1.  Approved to foster.  Possibly this is step 301, but we’ll start here for simplicity.

Step 2. Miss placement call because we use crappy go-phones.  Panic because it seems a lot more real.  Panic that they called like two days after we’re certified.  Panic that we missed the call.  Don’t hear anything else for a few weeks.

Step 3. Get call from panicked “little sister”-type-person who thinks she is pregnant.  Because she is.  Work through options with her.

Step 4. Decide to adopt an infant in about 8 months.  Turns out that you don’t actually have to be the one growing a baby to be nauseous during pregnancy.

Step 5. Get placement call from the agency, who clearly understood “one kid between 3 and 5” to mean “two kids, how about barely three and twenty months.”  Say yes.

Step 6. Puke in shoes.  Which may feel less and less like a figure of speech as time goes on.

So?  How has your week been?

Lady Brett

That'd be a Firefly reference, not a song.
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