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This is how we have fresh food

May 11, 2012

This is how we have fresh food

Except when we don’t (sorry about the mess, honey).

It’s simple – live food preservation. This works for veg that grow directly from the ground (as compared to ones that fruit off a vine, or grow underground or such). It’s just a smidge of water in a container that will hold your plant upright, add plant. Change water daily (otherwise you end up with a rot-mess that you have to apologize to your wife for).

So far we’ve done leeks and green onions (they’ve got roots, so just plop them right in – they also tend to dirty their water pretty quickly, so i cut the submerged part off before eating) and asparagus and celery (cut an inch or so off the cut end to give it something fresh to suck up the water, just like flowers) all with great success. Often they even continue to grow. I’ve kept asparagus fresh for over a week this way.  A note – the dried up leeks in this photo were already that way when we tried this experiment – they held up wonderfully afterwards.

As you can see in the picture, i’ve also tried leafy greens (kale here). It’s less impressive – better than just leaving them out, but not a great success.  I’m still experimenting.

-lady brett

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