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“’cause in my life i’ll never get to walk on my knees in a field”

March 12, 2012

I was running late to work this morning, and so caught the Diane Rehm Show on the “war on women.”  Not that you have to catch that show to hear about it at the moment.  The thing that, supposedly, set off all of this talk about women’s rights (or how we oughtn’t have any, as seems to be the bigger part of the discussion) is funding contraception as health care, right?

So i’ve been thinking about how health care works, and the supposed problem with paying for contraception.  Which essentially amounts to, “You knew the consequences of sex going in.  If you choose to do something reckless like have sex, we shouldn’t have to pay for that; you should have to pay for that yourself.”  Not to get into it, but somewhere in the disgusting vitriol, that is essentially what Newt was saying, even: “We’re not going to fund your mistakes.”

Which is interesting, because we fund people’s stupidity and mistakes all the time.

Particularly through health care.  We don’t turn people away from health care because they were too reckless to get insurance in the first place.  We don’t turn people away from health care because they caused a wreck by driving drunk.  We don’t turn people away from health care because they weren’t wearing a helmet on their motorcycle.  We don’t turn people away from health care because years and years of consuming unhealthy food and a sedentary life has led to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any other long-term health issue.  We don’t turn people away from health care when they’ve been shot.  Oh, and we don’t turn people away from health care because they had sex and got pregnant.  Or had sex and got an STI.

This is obviously an oversimplification, because income issues – among other social problems – mean that tons of people don’t get proper (or any) health care most of the time.  And because we spend billions of dollars subsidizing those foods that cause long-term health issues.  Oh, and because assuming that everyone knows the consequences of sex when you refuse to teach it is a bit daft.   So, while the above isn’t strictly the truth, it is the theory we work under, which will do for a discussion happening at an entirely theoretical level (another issue entirely).

Not only do we provide health care to people who get into trouble doing something stupid; we provide health care to people who get into trouble doing something illegal.  And we provide health care to people who got into their situation through sex.  We provide health care for them, and we provide it for any child they produce.  And we will be providing it for that child when they are all grown up and suffering from long-term health degradation.

Which makes me think that either you were lying in the first place about your concern being funding others’ mistakes, or that you disapprove of preventative care entirely.  Judging from or current cultural atmosphere (regarding the former), and our current medical system (regarding the latter), i suspect it’s a combination of the two.

-Lady Brett

p.s.  If i were to sink to “their” level, i would skip the above and simply point out that all of the women i know who are on the pill are on it because it regularizes their periods and reduces their abysmal cramps.  Oh yeah, and it’s good for acne too.  Well, Mister Misogyny, wouldn’t you support making the women around you more predictable and less bitchy?  Oh, and prettier?

(what can i say, most of the women i know well enough to know their meds are dykes; they’re not on it for the sex.)

"Oh, Singer" - Brandi Shearer
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  1. March 16, 2012 8:43 am

    Have I not stopped by and said thank you for writing this? I meant to. I can’t articulate my frustration as well as I’d like but I can applaud folks like you who do it so, so well.

  2. March 19, 2012 9:14 am

    thank you. it took me some time to get past the head-exploding frustration and into something akin to rational thought – which is, i suppose, why i didn’t write this earlier!

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