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“but for you i would happily drown”

February 8, 2012

Bulletts, because i have finally stolen a moment to think:

  • I have been thinking a lot about being an introvert.  I had assumed, far a time, that becoming social and less than hopelessly shy indicated my having also become not an introvert.  I am newly thinking that that is very untrue, based mostly on the idea that being introverted has to do with the fact that i find social situations exhausting (even the really awesome ones!).  I even find the concept of social situations exhausting sometimes (i have found myself upset about things Jamie does, only to realize that i am not upset that she is out doing something, but that she is doing something that i would not enjoy – which is not the same as it being unenjoyable). That sounds hopelessly elementary when in writing.
  • Jamie told me yesterday that i was good in bed.  I cried.  I cried first and realized second: no one has ever told me that before.  It’s not that i haven’t heard good (and sexy) things about me before; just, not that, ever.
  • I had a romantic idea.
  • This one deserves this second star – i had a romantic idea.  We are, i think, going to have dinner at the restaurant that catered our wedding for our anniversary.  Also, Jamie liked my romantic idea.  But i think she was actually more impressed by the fact that i came up with it at all than with the idea itself.
  • I have been thinking, also, about homesteading.  Or self-sufficiency.  Or what the best use of our time is.  I am excited about where this will go.  I can see no reason for the two of us to have two full-time jobs, now that we haven’t.  The possibilities that opens up are exciting.
  • This year has been hard.  But good.  Confusing and overwhelming.  I feel a little lost at sea (but, say, with proper provisions and a seaworthy vessel).

Lady Brett

“If There Was No You” – Brandi Carlile

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