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“that’ll be consolation, lord, honey, on my worried mind”

August 25, 2011

Things are improving.

  • Well, not on the rat front.
  • The neighbor is now angry that my truck is parked in front of his house. Admittedly, it is there largely out of spite. It is also, if you were to nitpick (which, clearly, is the case), the only legal place to park it near our house.  And, at this point i’d rather be in the right than polite – it’s cheaper. He says he will have it towed. The city says that towing it while it is legally parked counts as auto theft. I find this funny. And the whole situation unnecessarily complicated.
  • The crumbling wall was the kick in the pants i needed to finally call a roofer. In that respect, and in that the roofing is covered by insurance, this is a good situation. Also, the moldy, rotten framing is bad, but fixable. And my father just happened to be coming up anyway. He is happily tearing up my house while i sit at work today.
  • The water heater wouldn’t light because i am an idiot. Works fine now. Ahem.

So, there you have it. All is not lost.

Dad and i are headed to my Granny’s this weekend. Hopefully Jamie will not die of allergies while we are gone.

And Lucinda Williams is coming to town. You better bet i bought tickets the day i heard that news. And, well, that pretty much makes everything better!

-Lady Brett

"Write Me A Few Of Your Lines/Kokomo Blues" - Bonnie Raitt
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  1. September 1, 2011 8:14 am

    Extremely jealous of the Lucinda Williams tickets. Extremely happy to hear *other* people will be doing dangerous repairs to your house. Also glad you are getting dad & gram time. <3

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