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“get out of here, and get me some money too”

April 19, 2011

Excuse me for a moment while i cheer. And hiss. I am including the part to cheer about below, and you need to watch it if you haven’t yet.  As for the hissing, it is difficult to convey my feelings on the utter stupidity surrounding discussions of the federal deficit, budget and taxes. As in, “this quantity of stupidity is so large that it will not fit on my vehicle to convey it places.”

Excuse me. What i mean is, the budget is appallingly complex, but the basic concepts behind the budget are very simple. Failure to understand those basic concepts, on the part of an elected official, is tantamount to me accepting a job as a secretary without knowing how to type.  Some things to keep in mind if you are ever in charge of our country’s fiscal well-being:

Taxes are how we pay for things.
Corollary: Tax cuts = cuts in things we pay for. Little things: education, roads, veterans’ health care.

Military spending is 59% of discretionary spending.
Please note: This is not even a discussion about the military. This is a discussion about money.

Interest on the debt is not part of discretionary spending, but it is equal to 19% of it.
Corollary: You could cut all federal funding for education and not even pay for a fifth of the interest we owe on the debt this year.

Conclusion: You are fucking lying to me if you tell me that you care about reducing the deficit, but that taxes and military spending are off the table.
Also note: If you don’t care about reducing the deficit, you don’t care about this country.

As angry as all of the stupidity involved in this debate has made me, i’ve been pretty irked by the cowardice as well. I have much more to say on all of this, but i’ll leave you with this, which gives me a little glimmer of hope. Watch:

Lady Brett

"Why Don't You Do Right" - Peggy Lee

p.s. I have photos of things less nerdy than budgets, but i'm too stupid to get them from Jamie's camera. Someday.
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