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“some people try and treat me like a man”

March 3, 2011

At dinner the other night, the older of our unchildren decided rather suddenly that he did want to be in the wedding. And to wear a tux – a tux with a tie. This the boy who pouts if he has to shower two night in a row, and only has jeans with holes in the knee. A kid after my own heart, really. So:

“Of course you can be in the wedding! Not sure what you’ll do, though. You could be a ring bear with Jamie’s niece. Don’t worry, a ring bear is different than a ring bearer.”  (I will have to update you later on the story of him not wanting to be in the wedding; it’s rather brilliant as well.)

“No, i don’t want to do something like that. I could be the best man!”

“Well, we’ve already got a best man: niece’s mom.”

She can’t be the best man. I’ll be the best man. The best man can’t be a girl.”

Jamie leans over, “Can i tell you a secret? The groom’s a girl, too.”

“Yeah, you’re the groom,” accompanied by a perfect nine-year-old what the hell does that have to do with anything? look.

At least someone gets it.

Lady Brett

"I Feel Just Like A Child" - Davendra Banhart
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