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December 8, 2010

Mr. President,

I have been consistently supportive of your moderate views and the amazing successes you have gained by compromising on difficult issues, but i am appalled by the current deal made with Republicans on tax issues.

This is not a compromise; it is complete capitulation to short-sighted rhetoric-driven policy.

You have said that Republican legislators were holding the American people hostage, but agreeing to such fiscal irresponsibility is holding our entire future hostage.

You said that the American people are on your side. Then why do you not trust us to be strong enough and smart enough to support what would clearly have been a difficult decision.

The Republicans standing their ground on this issue would have had rather messy results, if the Democrats likewise stood firm. But that is nothing to the effects of such extreme fiscal irresponsibility as the Republicans have espoused.

I applaud your successes and your efforts on other issues, but I feel that in this case you have abandoned the fiscal principals of moderate Americans for minimal and short-term gain.

Lady Brett Ashley

In case you have no idea what i’m talking about: President Obama essentially “compromised” with the Republicans by giving them everything they want, with a tiny string attached that said the tax cuts will have to be re-approved in two years. Note that Republicans will be in power in congress when that comes up.

Lady Brett

"Run, Run Away" - Great Big Sea
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