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“it’s the economy, stupid”

December 2, 2010

Senator _____,

I am writing to ask you not to support the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy.

As income inequality in the United States reaches near-historic heights and the federal deficit balloons, extending tax cuts for the most wealthy Americans is both unfair and irresponsible.

In as few as three years, the tax cuts, if extended, will have a larger impact on the federal deficit than the recession, recovery efforts and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq all combined.

It is not worth jeopardizing our national economic security or failing to help those who have been truly hurt by this recession to give a tax break to those who are in the least need of it.

Additionally, as an average-income American, I would be glad to see my tax cuts repealed if that is what it takes to see any of the cuts repealed, as the recent letter from the Republican Caucus has claimed.

I hope you will stand for fiscal responsibility and economic justice at a time when it is so important, and both are in danger.

Thank you for your time,

Lady Brett Ashley


I didn’t include the p.s. for the sake of felicity and stuff – those web-email forms don’t support images anyway.

Also, feel free to steal/alter/be inspired by my little letter, and contact your people! In case you’re wondering why calling congress isn’t a waste of time, take it from someone who wrote it better than i ever could have (and totally guilted me out of my fear of communication, if not of phones).

If you want to know in more detail why i’m such a freaking nerd about the federal budget and taxes and crap…well, i’ll try to get to that soon. I’m fired up, so it just might really happen.

Lady Brett

Popularized during the Clinton '92 campaign, so credited to James Carville.
If you're unhealthily curious about this sort of thing, as i am,
check out The War Room.
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