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“i just might stop to check you out”

August 20, 2010

Also! We have progress on the wedding front: a when and a where.

It’s very exciting. I was beginning to fear that the wedding wouldn’t actually happen, for sheer laziness. Well, not just for laziness. We had a whole plan once before, and kept running into hurdle after hurdle. Eventually we just had to concede that the location had become wholly impractical. It seems silly – especially to me – but that was really hard to deal with. We were going to get married in a cave. The idea still makes me swoon a little. But it got to a point where that was the only thing going for it. So we nixed it. And sat around going “uhhh” for some time.

But we finally got moving again, and i’m pretty excited about the new plan. We’re still getting married outside, but downtown rather than at a state park, which simplifies everything. We’ve got a reception place that isn’t really a “wedding venue,” so they basically don’t care what we do, and there’s a kitchen. It’s very exciting.

The when, by the way, is late April. We’ll be getting married near to our 3-year anniversary.

So, where, when, and also who – well, who will be part of the wedding, we’re still working on who to invite. It seems like a good start.

Then, there’s everything else. I’ll be back soon asking for advice, i’m sure!

Lady Brett

"Blister In The Sun" - Violent Femmes
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