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“help me get my feet back on the ground”

August 2, 2010

A review of lovely things of late:

The boys. They are not our boys, but we keep them around regularly, and i like them a lot. Even if they don’t eat vegetables. Which isn’t strictly true, but they do tend to bitch and moan about it. A nine-year-old is, by the way, an awesome excuse to go to a water park, and to get out my roller blades. Water parks are among my favorite things (despite my antipathy towards the sun), and i realize that you don’t need an excuse to go to one, but it helps me make myself make time, if that makes sense.

Also, the one (i believe i have referred to him in the past as my favorite four-year-old) turns six today. Which brings me to the dragon cake we made this weekend. By “we” i mean Jamie, with minor architectural and dragon-lore help from myself. Anyway, it’s stellar. Coolest dragon cake you’ve ever seen. Except how you haven’t seen it, but i’ll try to remedy that. The inside is red velvet cake. I hope that is lost on him; he’s kind of a giant wuss.

Our wedding is beginning to seem like it will really happen. Not that it seemed like it wouldn’t before, but it seemed awfully stagnant for a while. Then, it seemed exciting and like we had plans, but they didn’t work out. But now we have a few important things, like a place and a date and the coolest person in the world to officiate. So, things are moving forward, which is exciting and terrifying. But mostly exciting. Ahem.

Also, i spent all weekend cleaning the house. We almost have our office back. Large quantities of stuff are migrating out of our house. I intend to put real effort into making sure it is not a seasonal migration situation. Speaking of which, if you need either inspiration or tactics for cleaning your shit up, i highly recommend Unclutterer.

I was feeling so inspired that i even purged my binders. I think i kept four of them, but i emptied at least five other binders of physics notes and articles from college and high school (and, actually, way in the back of the high school one there were even notes that i am fairly sure came from 8th grade physical science class) straight into the recycle. Moreover, i finally faced up my other binders – four 2-inch binders of stories and poems written by long-lost internet friends from my days on (you thought i was exaggerating that dragon-lore part?). Alphabetical by author, all in page-sleeves, dating back to ’96, at least. I can’t believe i just admitted all of that. I hope you still love me. It’s amazing how hard it is to get rid of things that you’ve been hanging on to. I really think that the simple fact that i’ve kept them for this long had more to do with it than the actual contents did.

The extent of my middle-school self’s OCD horrified my girlfriend, but it also prompted this gem: “well, living with your mother, i suppose you had to keep your OCD hidden in binders!”

Um. That’s a terrible note to end on.

Oh! As a perk of the fact that we both work for non-profits now, we are going to the same conference in Oakland for work in a few weeks. This, unfortunately, does not match up with the Femme Conference in Oakland. But we will be staying a day to bum around together!

Lady Brett

"Closer To You" - Brandi Carlile
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