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“I’m thinking, ‘baby far out, be my man'”

January 29, 2010

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Snow Day!

Lady Brett
(who is not sneaky, and was not trying to get her a thumb ring.) Jamie is not sneaky either, but she is more successful. Then, i feel rather successful myself at the moment. Giddy, in fact.

p.s. That is snow. I imagine some of you recognize it. Some of us, however, don’t see it often and may have needed a reminder. Joy!

"Real Love" - Lucinda Williams
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  1. January 30, 2010 6:38 pm

    wait, ok, so does this mean what I think it means? or am I just very confused?

  2. January 30, 2010 10:28 pm

    um, right, sorry, the mushy stuff brings out my shy side. i am, in fact, betrothed.

    can i say “betrothed” if we haven’t worked out a bride price? perhaps “affianced”? it seems a bit less formal – or medieval. sorry, i just think the words are so lovely. ahem.

  3. January 31, 2010 12:52 am

    Wait! Wait! Wait!… Does this mean… I mean… Woo hoo, you! Congratulations! AND! Am I your best man or what?!?

  4. February 1, 2010 1:26 pm

    How the heck did I miss this?? WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I’m so happy for you – congratulations to you both. Love is everything (wow, how’s that for mushy?) :)

  5. February 1, 2010 9:19 pm

    Waiting. Best man or what?!? Seriously, I wear a tux well and promise to make your relatives laugh and cry during the toast. I will talk about way back when we “met” and all of that good stuff.

  6. February 2, 2010 11:21 am

    y’all are the best!

    i dunno, jesse, i already set aside maid of honor for my bro. but i don’t have a best man yet – i think you’re in if i’m allowed both =)

    seriously, i’m thinking if i can figure out how to explain “internet friends” to my mother i’ll invite all y’all.

  7. February 2, 2010 9:36 pm

    I will take what I can get, just glad I asked for the role first in the comment section of this announcement. Regardless, I will either rent a tux and get a ticket or send you some Seattle coffee, chocolate and beer as a wedding gift. Just keep me posted. But keep in mind, I will totally walk your maid of honor brother down the isle. I have never seen this brother of yours but I have a feeling we are a cute couple. Just a guess.

    Also, just a thought- when explaining “internet friends” to your mom maybe don’t call us “internet friends.” That just sounds a bit, um, more exciting than we actually are.

  8. February 3, 2010 9:30 pm

    Congratulations! How exciting. I’m very excited for you both!

  9. grrlchef13 permalink
    February 7, 2010 2:04 am

    You must have a cocktail named after you both to commemorate the great event! Congrats!

  10. February 7, 2010 11:44 am

    Congratulations!! Wishing you and Jamie much happiness as you begin this exciting new chapter in your lives.

    I’m so happy for you, honey.


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