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“i must get home!” “i need your shoes!”

January 2, 2010

Well, hello! New year and all. And it appears that by “holiday” i mean “ignoring my blog.” So, a few highlights of the recently:

I’ve been off work for the holiday; i don’t think i’ve ever enjoyed it more. The idea of going back on monday is sort of dreadful. The part where i’ve spent days in my pajamas is fun, but strictly “holidayish” (i did shower in the midst – only to put them right back on; it was nice). The part where i’ve gotten to cook up meals to freeze (mini lasagnas and pot-pies, so far) and spend hours planning out my dream kitchen – and more practical issues like how to add eaves to the house is more what i would love to do more of. I am going to try to cook more now, though. I have found that not cooking really is a drag on me, though i am a bit of a bum, and once i’ve been at work for the day, it is rather simple for me to want to do nothing in the evenings.

New years was, really, one of the best in a time. I think because it has an impressive ability to raise hopes, new years always seems to be a let down. This year me, Jamie, Jake and Jake’s lady (don’t tell her i called her that) played scrabble and had a few drinks – a bit of champagne, but not at midnight (oops) – tried to watch the ball drop, but we don’t have tv, and my computer froze. It was fairly clear, though, when all the gunshots went off.

Jamie’s brother is moving out soon. God, having our house back will make life so much easier. It’s funny, ’cause i didn’t really mind him – though he’s a mess that will be nice to not have to clean up after! – but the way that having a housemate disrupts things. It makes me a little crazy to not be close to her as much. The little things like not sleeping naked because (it’s freezing and) we have to keep the bedroom door open for the wonky old heat system to flow right. And i could write ballads, i’m sure, to the whole concept of spontaneous sex!

Christmas was really lovely. Due to some unusual schedules and plans, we ended up having both my and her family at our house for christmas dinner and presents and such. It was crowded and funny and fun. We made stockings for everyone from some of our fabric scraps – our fireplace looked a bit like the old woman in the shoe, perhaps. I hung christmas lights for the first time, and you could tell. It looked a bit like a toddler’s art project (from a very high ladder), but now i know. As it happens, you have to pull the lights taut if you don’t want them to look especially foolish. Also, our house is not symmetric, which i knew, but seemed to forget in the midst of the process, so the lights ended a couple feet shy on the right half.

Pre-christmas was as usual. Road trip, extended family whatnot. It’s all a bit weird, really, as i only see these folks at most once a year. I, of course, want to see my granny and grandjack, but granny is always so stressed out by all the holidayness that it’s about the worst time of year to actually visit with them. It’s getting a bit odd, too, as they are both getting decidedly old and decrepit, especially granny. I don’t much like to think about it.

Dad brought me a meyer lemon tree. Half gift, half orcharder experiment; he says they are supposed to grow “as far north as” my homeplace. It is living in the office for this winter, as it is still a baby tree that can’t freeze at all, and the office is more greenhouse than room at the moment anyway. On the bright side of the house story, the living room has lovely trim in it (about the windows and doors, i’m still working on the ceiling and floor bits), and i am really enjoying my router; there have been a few more major improvements via minor  electrical work (really, you should see some of the light fixtures that our house came with); and it’s amazing what a minor paint job can do to a remarkably ugly bathroom.

Puppy can now wear the 2T vest that languished in the lost and found for too long without tripping her back paws over it or peeing on it. I don’t think i’ve gone into it here yet (i haven’t gone into anything here in for-freaking-ever, i know), but she’s a bit brain damaged, and it screws with her temperature regulation, i think, so having a big fluffy coat has done wonders for her winter.

I finally (finally!) got my lip repierced yesterday. When i “lost” my lip ring, i couldn’t get a new one before the hole closed up, as the tattoo place by my house was closed for ice. Well, damn. So, through some combination of forgetfulness, laziness and “oh, well, x is happening soon, i’d just as well not have it in for that” it took a whole damn year and a bit to get it redone. People always asked if it hurt, and, the first time, i honestly couldn’t remember if it hurt or not because i was too busy being terrified (i have a bit of a needle issue). Well, it hurt. It fucking hurt. Only for a second, but, like, i really don’t think i would do it again hurt. On the other hand, last time it was really sore and swollen for a long time after. I couldn’t drink without a straw, due to cup-ring-hole-ouch issues. The place i went this time won’t give you a right straight-off. So i have this silly-looking labret stud, which i am really thankful for. As it doesn’t go over your lip, even though it is a bit sore, it is easy to avoid. It is also much less sore than last time. I am pleased. Jamie is pleased. I am impatient for it to heal so i can switch it for the ring.

Oh, and we saw The Princess and the Frog. I really, really loved it.

Lady Brett

"A Very Nice Prince" - Into The Woods
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  1. January 3, 2010 1:04 pm

    I am so excited about your lemon tree! Someday I would like to live where a meyers lemon tree can grow. Talking my winter loving Violet and my jet black dog will be tricky. I also can’t wait for the day that our folks come to us and not always us going to see them (hm, do I mean that? Not totally sure…)

    Sounds like you had a fairly smooth holiday break- good for you. Great to see you here, by the way. Happy new year.

  2. January 4, 2010 3:43 pm

    Happy New Year to you and congratulations on getting through the holidays! I hope it wasn’t too rough for you getting up this morning. Mondays are always hard but nothing like a Monday after a few days off. Damn.

  3. January 5, 2010 11:23 am

    Welcome back, we missed you! Hope you’re easing into the post-holiday work week.

    I agree with Jesse about the lemon tree. Your dad is such a charmer.

    Congrats on the (re)piercing! Hope the new year brings you and Jamie all kinds of bliss.


  4. January 14, 2010 4:26 pm

    Ooh, a meyer lemon tree. So, so tempting! Alas, I think I am too far north for such a lovely little being.

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