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“enjoy, eat well, and change the world”

November 12, 2009

I got to see one of my intellectual heroes, Marion Nestle, speak last night. She is the author of Food Politics, which was among the first books i read on food geekery, and certainly the first really good one.

Her presentation was great. She is totally as awesome as her book – maybe more so. She is really quite funny; i find it notable that she is often both more lighthearted and more academic than most of the other well-known (in that super-niche way) food politics authors i’ve read. My favorite quote from the evening was “practicing sociology without a license, as I am.” Of course, along with some really amusing pictures and product labels and such, she had some very interesting graphs and info – you know how i like charts and graphs!  I’m hoping she puts the slides on her website at some point; i haven’t had a chance to really poke around it and see how much is there. But i have been reading her blog, which is a great way to keep up with the most recent in nutrition and food labelling, such as:

Italy’s new food label: “Mafia-free”

Thanks to Anulu Mass of the Global Post for telling me about the latest front-of-package foods labeling initiative, this one from Italy.  I’m just back from lecturing in Rome, Milan, and Vicenza, but didn’t get to Sicily which must be why I missed seeing Libera Terra labels on wine, olive oil, pasta, and tomato sauce.  Libera Terra labels guarantee that the foods were produced with no mob connections.  I’m so relieved.

I learned her name is not pronounced Nestle, like, , but nestle, like, .

I also got suckered into the book-signing. So, now i have a copy of What to Eat, which i had successfully talked myself out of buying and somehow failed to read via library either, although i’ve wanted to do both since it came out. Not so bad. And it’s signed “Eat well and change the world!” Really, that’s as cool as my signed Miss Mallard Mystery (written by Quackenbush, whose signature was a duck. In a shrubbery. Teehee.)

It’s good advice, i think. So, “enjoy, eat well, and change the world (for the better, of course).” And, if i can recommend a book i’m on page 28 of, i do.

Lady Brett

What to Eat - Marion Nestle
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