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“but i think that i deserve to smile”

October 28, 2009

Okay, i’m sorry in advance for cheat-blogging with YouTube videos.

Also, i am embarrassed to admit…i’m kind of really into Glee. Yeah, that new tv show that’s all popular and stuff. Or, at least, i get the impression, via the internet, that it’s popular.

The fact that i don’t have friends who tell me about this sort of thing – or that my friends have given up discussing television around me – might totally invalidate my use of the word popular. Or cool. Which, actually, is the perfect segue.

But i’m embarrassed to say so because…well, two things. First is that it’s just as shitty as most tv shows. I don’t mention it much (so as not to be that girl), but i don’t just “not watch television.” I fucking hate most television. I hate drama in my real life. Drama inclines me to stop talking to friends i love. It kind of makes me long to live in a cave (a common euphemism for those of us who didn’t watch tv as kids, as it happens). So drama in fake life, for entertainment? Oh, hell no! Right, but, second: Glee is as full of stupid, crappy, generic stereotypes as it is of stupid, crappy, generic drama.

My favorite so far.


To make up for these things it has hit pretty much all of my soft spots. I love music, and i don’t think they’ve played a bad song yet. I love stereotypes (when used for good and fun). Everyone is cute. The football-lead-guy wouldn’t really be my idea of cute, but he has the best smile on earth (when i was a kid, i used to practice having a half-smile – i really do think they are all that). Plus, i identify. Not with the preachy, kumbaya crap. But i did go to high school with those kids, because most of us really were walking stereotypes at 15 (except my high school didn’t have sports or cheerleaders).

And, more recently, i find the dance-practice aspect kind of inspirational. I did Odyssey of the Mind in 4th and 5th grade. Then i didn’t step foot on another stage until i started drag. Now we (sometimes) do choreographed group numbers. Which are awesome. I really, really dig it, and watching this silliness reminds me of our silly practices and makes me want to try new shit and see how much we suck at it until, suddenly, we don’t anymore.

So, okay, i kind of wish it just skipped from number to number, but to get them you have to watch that plot thing, and now i’m invested and have to watch the rest to make sure all the inevitable shit actually happens, and keep myself properly irritated between music.

One of my favorite songs on earth. Singing along to this in the car with the windows down is a guaranteed cure for anything. And they’re cute here.

Oh, and i’m in love with Jane Lynch.

Lady Brett

"Bust Your Windows" - Jazmine Sullivan
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  1. October 29, 2009 9:10 pm

    OMG. I, too, dislike most tv, and am in love with Glee. I’m a teacher, so I think sometimes -is this bad/scary/too bizarre- I relate. Especially to all the little awkward moments. Dealing with that many people in such big groups is freakin’ bizarre.

    Oh, and Jane Lynch in that Zoot Suit made my heart race.

  2. October 29, 2009 10:32 pm

    I don’t think you should be embarrassed. The show is really good.
    I love the musical numbers…especially the one you posted.
    and the writing on that show..come seriously good!
    Jane Lynch is UHMAZING…and the way she delivers those lines!

    Well now you see..I’m a total geek..and have mad love for the show!
    Just had to comment on this :)

  3. October 29, 2009 11:42 pm

    May I depart from the Glee euphoria to say that I read on G’s blog that you went to an art high school and am so smitten with you!

    So did you grew up without a TV, or just watch very little of it as a kid? My mother always hated television and swore that when our old set expired she wouldn’t replace it. Then our house was hit by lightning in a thunderstorm when I was about 13, and the TV exploded in front of us. Turns out my mom was totally serious about not replacing the TV. It took her about 20 years to buy another one!

    Happy halloween~

  4. October 31, 2009 9:21 am

    haha, yes, it was pretty cool. or, it was as good as being that age could be, for whatever that’s worth ;)

    i’m convinced we never would have had a tv at all, except when i was 4 my big brother was in the hospital for a few months, and movies were the only good way to keep him occupied. when he came home, so did the television and the only 3 movies we ever owned (clue, e.t., and police academy 3). after that, it was just well-guarded. in high school we even got cable (when my granny moved in). it sounds like we had it about the opposite of you (your story is terrifying and hilarious, by the way!).

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