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“if you don’t wanna fuck me, baby – baby, fuck off”

October 15, 2009

An announcement, out of apparent necessity:

  • I find my girlfriend hot.
  • I love my girlfriend.

So. I would appreciate you not tearing her down, but you are allowed your opinion. What you are not allowed is to tear her down on account of me.

There are not many things that make me angry. Sometimes i get worked up (politics) or frustrated (utilities, puppies).

And i suppose this would make more sense if i started from not the end of the story. Let’s call it one story for the sake of simplicity. Where the friend says to Jamie that she ought to join this diet. And Jamie says, “um, no” – or, “that’s fucking nuts,” or what have you. What follows is a friendly coercion/argument. You know how these things go. (While i have political opinions on the conversation so far, i’m not particularly invested.) And then, somehow, it always seems to turn to “Brett would like you better if you lost weight.”

That makes me angry. So many ways. Weight, while the most common and most culturally heavy, is not the only subject of such events. But somehow this has only come up on subject about which i am diametrically opposed to the speaker. So, okay, there are “don’t speak for me when you don’t know” issues here. But that’s only the start of it. The real issue at hand here is that you are actively trying to make my girlfriend feel shitty about herself. Which, while i don’t appreciate, is, of course, your place as a friend. So perhaps the real issue is that you are invoking me to make my girlfriend feel shitty about herself. Which i understand works better, but if i thought it was a good idea i could do it myself.

The really-real issue here is that you are invoking me, without asking, in a case where i think you are wrong, to make my girlfriend feel shitty about herself.

All of this would be easily avoided if you would please remember two things:

  • I find my girlfriend hot.
  • I love my girlfriend.

Which is why i’m fucking dating her.

Lady Brett

"Fuck Off" - Wayne County and the Electric Chairs
"In other words: if you ain't got time to take a walk with me on my meat rack,
then you can just get the hell out of my bread line" (sorry, i can't resist that line)
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  1. October 16, 2009 8:36 am

    I cannot imagine what goes through someone’s head when they say stupid shit like that. It has to be some sort of jealousy or some self esteem issue that they themselves are dealing with. There is no way to justify cutting someone down in order to make yourself feel better but sadly, that’s how some people are. :(

  2. October 16, 2009 11:18 am

    People are so dumb. This reminds me of an entry I’ve been wanting to write for a long time because there is so much pressure on women (of any identity-butch, femme, whatever) to be thin. And I happen to like curvaceous ladies. Body weight is something I have a broad spectrum for when it comes to attraction… but thin ladies just don’t do it for me. The funny thing is, I’m a butch who is really thin naturally. I try to gain weight but nothing works. So I understand that body size is often out of our control… the focus should be on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles… but as I always tell my girlfriend, if you eat right and live right and you weigh what you weigh, then it’s just meant to be. I hate the media and what it does to women… the most attractive woman to me is one who is healthy, confident and comfortable in her own skin… and you know, fuller breasts, curvaceous thighs and a lovely butt… well they just add to it!

    So cheers to this entry and liking our girlfriends exactly the way they are!

  3. October 16, 2009 12:51 pm

    jesus h. body image is such a delicate thing as it is, the LAST thing we need is for our lovers and partners to start feeling insecure around *us* (and, obviously, vice versa) for completely illegitimate reasons. and especially shitty that it’s a “friend” who’s behind the illegitimate reason :( that would make me really angry too.

  4. October 16, 2009 7:01 pm

    “Tell. It. Brett!” (You had me pointing at the screen saying that.)

    I’m sorry that has ever been your situation, even once.

  5. October 18, 2009 5:36 pm

    OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! This pisses me off!

    Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and conditions. Why is it so difficult for people to accept that? Or, another way of putting it is: why are (some) people so threatened by difference?!!


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