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“do anything in this god-almighty world if you just let me slobber your squash”

August 30, 2009

Free stuff! Yep, that’s what this is all about: free stuff and scraping deadlines (though if you want to join in, the deadline is actually the 31st, so you could probably make it!).

Babeland is giving away sex toys – because what else would they be giving away? Anyhow, the deal is that you write up your “wish list” of up to $500 worth of Babeland swag, and you might maybe win it. So, here’s mine:

Two Knotty Boys – Showing You the Ropes – $16.95 – Oh, ropes. I like ropes a lot. But i particularly love how much Jamie likes ropes. So this would be for her (in that absolutely, completely selfish sort of way).

Contour Massage Stone M – $25 – Also for Jamie (in a selfish sort of way). I like to give her back massages, but i’m rather a wimp, so it doesn’t work out the best. Also, look at it; it’s gorgeous!

Clover Clamps – $25 – The really wonderful thing about a wishlist (and possibly getting stuff without paying for it) is that you don’t have to be so worried about making sure you’re not “making a mistake.” All i’m saying is that i’ve been really, really curious about Clover Clamps, but i find them hard to justify because i’m not sure my real me can handle it – thought the *idea* is hot. I’d love to find out.

Pinwheel – $20 – Like knives, but different, it seems – well…sensational. Plus, it would make a perfectly handy pattern tracing wheel.

Bondage Tape – $16 – A speedy alternative to rope bondage? A duct-tape alternative for wimps? I’m so in – chalk another one up to curiosity.

Panther Cuffs – $40 – Not that i don’t have perfectly decent cuffs, but i simply adore my Panther collar. I would love to have really nice cuffs, and, of course, to match!

Mr. Bendy – $65 – Really i can’t think of much sexier than the idea of Jamie packing with this. Well, there’s the playing part…

Mistress – $58 – For variety, of course. And she seems so versatile.

Rodeo Rick – $115 – Not that i don’t like my Leo, but something a bit more would be lovely sometimes. As would something a bit more realistic. Though i also like the stylized silhouette – not too realistic.

Pure Wand – $108 – Again, what is a wishlist for if not the possibility of getting things you would not buy yourself? I have heard so many wonderful things about the Pure Wand, and it looks lovely and intriguing. Even so, i don’t often spend that kind of money on this kind of thing, and there are quite a few things higher on my priority list (see above).

Candy Garter – $8 – Seriously, how cool! I mean, not that i’m having a wedding, but if i were having a wedding, i would totally want to throw this to the fellas.

Entice Lubette – $1.50 – i’m really sensitive to lubes in general, but i’d be willing to give this a try – it’s water-based (toy friendly) and glycerin-free, which might mean that it’s me-friendly. it would be cool to have options.

Liquid Silk Lubette – $1 – For the sake of research, this also looks like a decent possibility. Same as above, water-based and glycerin-free.

Total: $499.45

I think i did pretty well!

Lady Brett

"Slobber Your Squash" - James Anthony
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  1. linaria permalink
    September 1, 2009 5:45 pm

    Pinwheel – $20 – Like knives, but different, it seems – well…sensational. Plus, it would make a perfectly handy pattern tracing wheel.

    In case you don’t win, save yourself $17 and use your tracing wheel. I find the long-handled ones work better, and you can sharpen them up a bit with a file if necessary.

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