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“i put together needing room to remember what i need”

July 21, 2009

A meme, from no one in particular, or the internets in general. According to Google “brett needs”:

  • Brett Needs To Complete His Life
  • Mr. Brett needs to lay off the PB&J before someone gets hurt.
  • Brett needs you to know you can please some of the Bretts all of the time, and all of the Bretts some of the time…
  • brett needs a girl for a penpal.
  • Brett needs a little kissy.

None of which i would particularly argue with, though the first i’m in no real hurry about, and the second seems like rather a long shot. “Brett does not need”:

  • Brett does not need major surgery
  • Brett does not need some mechanical elaborately expensive equipment to make him the brilliant chef that he is.
  • Brett does not need 20 something girls on a bus.
  • Brett does not need that crap right now.
  • Brett does not need a femal[sic] version of him self

All true. That last one – that’s funny.

Most of all, Brett does not need that crap right now.

I have recently been putting more and more things into the category of That Crap. Which sucks, sometimes. It makes me rather a cynic, for one. Moreover, some of those things are – or were – important to me. Notably, most of my friends have become part of Brett does not need that crap right now. Not in a drastic way – i know, it sounds like it couldn’t not be drastic. They are still all my friends, and i can still enjoy spending time with them. Only, i have to kind of keep them at arm’s length in order for it to be enjoyable, which significantly changes the relationship. There are exceptions, of course. And some of That Crap is of an entirely different and unavoidable sort; the sort you simply have to wade through, which is sort of more okay.

On the other hand, i think it has had unforeseen positive effects. Getting rid of (or otherwise minimizing) Crap i don’t need has opened up space or energy for what i do need. Which is nice. Among other things, i find it nearly impossible to figure out what i need when it’s missing (that part always makes me feel extra crazy). In some ways, making space has been enough.

So, actually, this is why my posts have taken a sweet turn (as SF accused) – i’ve absolutely re-fallen in love with the  parts of my life that are Not Crap, and gained a (wee) bit of sanity back i nthe process.

Then there is That Crap (of an entirely different and unavoidable sort). If it weren’t so catchy, i wouldn’t refer to it as Crap at all, as that seems a little flippant. I just want you to know that my girlfriend is a superhero (you know, without superpowers, like Batman). I’m in danger of serious mushiness, so i’ll stop ther, for your sake.


Jamie would like to point out (re: The Crazy) that the Femme side has sprinkles! I would like to point out that Hey! Thats not funny! and, also, my magnet is femme-side-up.

Jamie would like to point out (re: The Crazy) that "The femme side has sprinkles!!!" I would like to point out that "Hey! That's not funny!" and, also, *my* magnet is femme-side-up.

Lady Brett

"Different Kind Of Gone" - Mary Gauthier
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  1. July 25, 2009 11:25 pm

    I’ve been going through a similar process of removing The Crap, and the bittersweet process it is when it involved friends and acquaintances. The bitter is offset by the sweetness I feel when my life opens up instead of closing down. Great post.

    I love that meme. I’m going to have to try it.

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