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“oh my god, what’s your name?”

July 13, 2009

My girlfriend is the best thing.

We went on a date Saturday night. Who knew dates could be so fun? I hope to do that more often. We actually went somewhere fancy (fancy for us…with a coupon=), and she was so handsome (and i didn’t feel like a fool; i always feel like a fool when i try to dress up pretty). My dinner was actually pretty bad, but the appetizer was perhaps the best thing i’ve ever eaten. Ohmigod, for serious. Also the desert, which came mysteriously without being ordered. Well, you know. With a note. With my name on it. From my girlfriend. That shit makes me all googly. I don’t know how she manages it; it’s completely beyond my comprehension.

Sometimes i feel a bit bad about it; these sort of romantic things never ever occur to me.  I don’t think i could hatch that up if i tried. They’re double impressive, as no one i’ve dated before has been the sort either. I suppose you could say it’s because i’m the girl, and, you know, romance is the boy’s job. But i think, in truth, it’s actually because i’m too much of a boy. I’ve just realized that i learned how to express love – like everything else – from my father. So, you know, i don’t. Express, that is. (I’m getting better at that, but it wasn’t untrue in the past). I build her closet space for her work clothes instead. Yup, definitely turning into my father.

Anyhow, last night:

“I have your note in my purse.”
“Oh. You’re going to keep that thing forever, huh?” It was dark, but i’m fairly sure you could insert an eye roll here.
“Yep! It’s going in my File.”
“The one with the rotting rose petals taped to a piece of paper?”
“That one!”

See, Jesse, i took your advice. They’re not really rotting, though. But they are very, very dead. Also, the note she left on my desk one day, “P.S. I have Dogface with me.” The tiny book courtesy of “the misappropriated office supply fund.” I will have a complete record of her sweetness. For blackmail purposes, of course! ;)

Lady Brett

"Give Back My Heart" - Lyle Lovett
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  1. July 14, 2009 5:35 pm

    I just read my name in your post and thought, “jesse-me-jesse? Oh lord, did I give advice??” I did indeed, a while ago, and, best of all, I totally stand by it.

    Building closet space is romance, by the way. Creating for the other- rose petaled notes or a place to hang your slacks- is just plain romantic.

  2. July 16, 2009 9:01 am

    Awwww…am I imagining things or have your posts taken a sweet turn?
    Your date sounds dreamy.

    Darling you need to buy/make yourself a memory box. You can put your special file in it and you’ll also have room for fun little odds and ends. Matches from restaurants, ticket stubs, shells, cards, sexy mementos. We actually have the shirts we wore on our first date in one of our memory boxes. Pretty fun plus after you’ve been together a long time you need help remembering stuff!

    I bet you could work a miracle with my excuse for a closet.


  3. July 19, 2009 9:44 pm

    haha, jesse – isn’t it great when you agree with yourself ;) i’m glad you think it’s romantic; she seems to agree, so so far so good *g*

    oh, sf, that is an excellent idea. i have a ticket collection dating from high school. it’s currently held together by a couple-a bulldog clips; your idea sounds much more appealing.

    ahem, you must be imagining things, of course! or, rather, as always, you’re right – i’ve had a spate of falling in love over again. it’s funny, and it’s been lovely, despite some unrelated not-lovely things recently.

  4. July 26, 2009 11:26 am

    Yes, I’m trying to catch up on commenting over the weekend, can you tell?

    I waver between being the hopeless romantic and the pragmatic closet-builder, and I like my women to have a mix of the both. Anything that says you’re thinking of her is a good thing, no?

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