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Foodie Friday: Bread

July 10, 2009


We have a rather exciting addition to our kitchen; a butter bell:

100_4045100_4046100_4047100_4051How cool is that? It’s basically a good alternative to a butter dish; a bit more complicated, a bit less messy, way prettier, oh, and the butter doesn’t go off in the heat. Butter dishes work pretty well around here about 3/4 of the year, but when it gets really hot, they are not so helpful. You just add a smidge of water to the cup, and then it creates a seal around the bell part when you put it together. You have to change the water out regularly, or course. It’s super neat. As you can see in the 3rd picture, the bell will stand upright, which makes a lovely serving dish.

Also, it’s red, as objects in kitchens ought to be (actually, that was kind of an accident at first, but i’m rather keen on it now).


If you can call it that. Ahem.

100_3970I learned that from my dad.

To be fair to him, i learned all the good things i know about cooking from him too. But neither of us can stay focussed for long enough to keep from burning some damn toast.

Lady Brett

PS. sorry that this wasn’t actually about bread. Here, Leo wrote about baking bread a while back, though – much better than i could anyway.

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