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“baby i can’t have you out runnin’ round”

July 4, 2009

So, happy 4th y’all! Have a present: This lovely photo of Dog and Idiot Dog. I called them, and for no reason the both ran full speed past me and into Idiot Dog’s crate.

It took Dog about 15 minutes to extricate himself.

It took Dog about 15 minutes to extricate himself. It was hilarious. PS. Idiot Dog is the Poof; Dog is the Cute (and worried).

I’ve had a great 4th of July so far. I started on my big project yesterday, but i did most of the work today. Project Barn (dum! dum! dum!) The “barn” is one of those pre-fab barn-shaped sheds, which came with our house. When we moved in, the barn was actually too full of shit to even walk into. It was clearly the domain of that stereotypical old man who hoards everything that has ever broken in his house (because he’s going to fix it!) and every piece of metal he has ever touched (because it might come in handy!). Not to be snotty; it was also obvious that there was a time when it was used as a very serious workroom.

And now it’s a workroom again! You can see the entire floor! Things are on shelves in an ordered manner! The bikes are hung! It’s beautiful.

Anyhow, following that, we went out for barbeque – that’s what you do – at the best joint in town. The place is lovely, the food was lovely, the people were lovely; i highly recommend it.

On the way home, we got a flat. Which, you know, sucks. But it was okay. We had a spare, and a jack (with a little rigging up) and lug wrench. About the time it became apparent that this was, perhaps, not going to work out (that is, visually, when i was standing on the lug wrench, and it was having no effect), a minivan pulled into the parking lot. Two guys about my dad’s age got out and, pretty much, did all of the work for us. They were very sweet, and helpful – and not in a particularly condescending way. They were also quite a bit larger and stronger than us. This was good. It turned out that one of the nuts was stripped, the final solution was to break the bolt off. Not something we could have done ourselves.

So, cheers to productivity and a nice barn, to barbecue, and to nice people. Also to the crummy second-hand flat-pack hutch that is now adorable due to a bit of red paint and new hardware. And to my cherry dress. I decided it is cute and summer-holidayish without being blatantly patriotic, which is pleasing.

I don’t know if it makes me sweet or extra-lame, but i turned down 4th-of-July hangout invitations because i can’t bear to leave Dog alone with the fireworks. So me and Dog are about to curl up in bed and watch a movie. Perhaps it will get his mind off of the fireworks, or at least drown them out a bit. He even had a bath today in preparation for dog-in-bed time.

Lady Brett

"Pill Bug Blues" - The Gourds (my favorite song to sing to Dog)
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  1. July 5, 2009 2:03 pm

    Awww… it makes you *very* sweet! It’s too bad your dogs dislike each other so much ;-)

    Congrats on your new workroom!


  2. July 26, 2009 12:04 am

    You’re sweet for watching out for Dog … our four-legged friends need the help, you know? My two kitty cats are not a fan of the fireworks either, and spent all night at my feet. And by “at my feet,” I mean literally on my feet for most of the evening.

    That picture made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing it.

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