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“make me feel like i’m seventeen again”

June 19, 2009

Um. Hi. Remember me? Sorry about that, i’ve been feeling antisocial and it spilled over a bit. Let’s see if maybe i can play some catch-up.

I’ve been listening to her cd since yesterday; it’s really quite nice. Except now i’m listening to Sinclair’s version.

I’ve felt a bit like this.


She said my crazy is just sprinkles on top.

I can only assume she was thinking of this. But she's awfully sweet anyhow.

And, on the bright and bizarre side i give you: one, two and three.

In honor of Jamie will be going back to school soon.

r.i.p. Sigh. Perhaps i really will get my Kim Perrott jersey framed.

Lady Brett

"You You You You You" - The 6ths (feat. Kathryn Whelan)
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