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“but i sure gots the motherload”

May 4, 2009

Saturday was the housewarming! It was lovely. More on that later. That is, when i have my camera, so you can see that we really did make a jello mold. With fruit. Anyhow, it was fun and smallish. We were left with quite a mess, a few little gifts and a substantial increase in our liquor collection (which is really my liquor collection, but not in a proprietary way – just in that she hardly ever drinks and i’m the one who plays bartender). This, of course, meant that the liquor cabinet had to be rearranged to accommodate the new arrivals.

Jamie's description of Lady Brett putting away the liquor.

Her exact words were, “like a little boy organizing his cars.” (PS. I so totally have that kid’s knight-on-horseback! How cool is that?)

Lady Brett

"Collections" - The Gourds
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