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“but the lord and i don’t get along so very good”

April 15, 2009

I miss Passover.

Mind, i’m not Jewish. I’m not, in fact, much of anything on that count, but what i meant was that i was raised kind of Christian. I studied my religion fairly seriously when i was younger, and i’ve always liked the tradition part. The religious and spiritual bit was a bit difficult for me, but i loved the high churchiness of it; the same thing every week part, the “i can still recite those words even though i haven’t been to church in six years” part is comforting to me.

Anyhow, i was also fairly immersed in Judaism growing up. (I suppose it’s a location thing – i don’t think they have Judaism where i live now.) Every year we would go to my mom’s friend’s (family friends, i suppose) for the Seder – as well as for the first night of Hannukah, but the Seder is the one that i remember more clearly.

I suppose, accurately, i miss the Passover Seder, as i never really observed all of Passover.

I did make Charoset (sp?) for Thanksgiving a few years ago. It was kind of my (our) own private joke to take it to Jake’s conservative family Thanksgiving. Everyone loved it – i think i called it apple salad or something lame like that when they asked about it.

Lady Brett

"Monday Afternoon" - Lori McKenna
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  1. April 17, 2009 8:16 pm

    No Jewish people at all? Really? There has got to be a sedar you can go to! I share your affection for Passover. I love that it’s all about liberation and freedom. And that story about the charoset is pretty funny, although it makes me kinda nervous about Jake’s family.


  2. April 17, 2009 8:48 pm

    i’m sure that i’m lying about that, but it’s far less metropolitan and far more bible-belt than my previous home. and nearly all of the people know *well* now are of the distinctly non-religious sort.

    yes, well, jake’s family made me a bit nervous too, though again i am probably overstating things =)

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