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“i’ve been tamed by the wind and the rain”

March 25, 2009

Last night i got home from work (which is getting even crazier, but it’s a good crazy. Other than the part where i’d really rather be home all the time now.) Anyhow, i got home and talked for a few minutes to the old man who’s refinishing our floors. They don’t smell like thirty years of dog piss anymore; i couldn’t be happier. Actually, i will be quite a bit happier when we can use that half of the house – it won’t be long now.

I had a good beer in a frosty mug (oh yes, i am making good use of the shiny new fridge) and some frozen crap in a borrowed toaster oven (oh yes, it will be nice to have a (shiny new) stove next week). They kind of balance each other out, right? Right? Oh well.

I re-lit the water heater, which was significantly less scary to do than to think about doing. (Jamie says she’ll deal with roaches if i’ll do pilot lights. Deal!) I think it must have shut itself off due to some rough contact while rearranging the green monster (not envy, the dryer). I am, on that subject, very pleased that the dryer vents correctly and the washer doesn’t leak. On a less successful note, i spent an inordinate amount of time in very awkward positions under our corner sink, to no avail. Whatever it was that i did. loosen seems to do nothing. It turns, but it doesn’t unscrew. The other part is going to take some sort of superhuman (or at least super-me) strength. So the sink sprayer still doesn’t work. I took the moulding down around the upper cabinets. Disgusting things fell out. That is the least of my cabinet problems.

Now that there is no moulding in the way, i have to figure out how to get the above-the-fridge cabinet off of the wall. Rather, the ought-to-be-above-the-fridge cabinet. Embarrassingly, the aforementioned shiny new fridge is too tall. It’s fairly svelte. We measured it’s girth, and found it pleasingly smaller than the space made for it. But, as my father kindly pointed out, it’s too bad our fridge is three-dimensional. He also kindly pointed out that removing a cabinet will be vastly easier than cutting two inches off the fridge…

There was also some organizing, rearranging and laundry thrown in. I can’t get over this house thing. The “mine!” part is pretty cool, but it’s the potential for never ending puttering that has me so ecstatic.

Lady Brett

"Scattered Leaves" - The Be Good Tanyas
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