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“front door clerk with a backdoor grin”

March 24, 2009

Moving a small apartment and half a house is made significantly easier by the acquisition of teenage boys. A bucket of hot wings and gallon of coke is vastly cheaper than any other moving option, and apparently moving furniture is more fun than being bored over spring break. We were also assisted by awesome friends with trucks.

Someday i will regale you with stories of the amazingness that is having a yard. Oh, and a house. Or of how fun it is to fix shit! And perhaps before and after photos of the pet-stained floors, or pictures of the plaid-and-vegetables wallpaper.

For now, however, i’m going to share a completely random pet peeve. You know those verification “type these random warped letters in so we know you aren’t a computer” things?

yeah. that.

yeah. that.

It really pisses me off when the string of letters is unpronounceable (see “pkmve,” above). Sometimes i refresh the page to get new, pronounceable, verification letters. There are, of course, intermediate options such as “xqhbu” above, which are pronounceable if you take some linguistic liberties. On the flip side, it makes me just as unjustifiably happy when i “get” a word – or something that is, perhaps, a homophone to a real word.

Lady Brett

"Think About You" - Eliza Gilkyson
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  1. March 24, 2009 6:35 pm

    I see your house is suspended atop Cloud 9! I couldn’t be happier that you’re so happy. And honey you’re looking seriously adorable in your new kitchen!

    So glad I was right about your Irishness. You may call me Madame Cleo henceforth.


  2. March 25, 2009 4:57 pm

    haha, indeed! nice of them to build it there ;)

    and thank you, madame. i’m particularly fond of that dress (though don’t ask me what in the world that kid’s doing out my window)

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