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“and every last inch of me’s covered with hair!”

February 27, 2009

My favorite four-year-old boy told me recently that i have “princess hair.”

Yeah, not that kind of princess hair. They never do show how many servants it must take to have perfect hair all the time, though.

He’s onto something. Only my hair, i think, is capable of making me feel like a princess – it is not my usual bent.

One could say that it is really my girlfriend who is responsible for the feeling, but it’s not just any pampering that leads to the conclusion: princess. Only hair pampering. I imagine this is directly related to the fact that i absolutely love my hair, and hate most things to do with it.

But my Jamie, sometimes – often – she washes it, and brushes it, and does fancy things with it. I’d be more specific, but one of the side effects of growing up a boy is that all i ever learned to do with hair is brush it, so “fancy things” will have to suffice. Sometimes all three (this is where “princess” comes in).

Lady Brett

"Gaston" - Disney's Beauty and the Beast
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