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A femme guide to butch drinks. Part 2.

February 13, 2009


Whiskey has always been my favorite liquor. For the most part that meant that i liked whiskey and coke. But it turns out that i like whiskey.

Whiskey and Coke is how i started drinking whiskey. They mesh nicely. I never drink coke without whiskey in it. In fact, i think it’s simply hideous straight. And for quite some time i didn’t drink whiskey without coke in it. Now it is primarily my bar drink, ’cause coke is strong enough to make most well liquors taste okay. And i’m too cheap to order real alcohol at a bar.

At home, though, i like to play a bit. I like to test things out. And i’m trying to get a good grasp on what it is i like and don’t. This involves two things – the alcohol and what you do with it.

Second: what you do with it – a few of my favorite drink recipes.

Whiskey-Coke. Yep.

Old Fashioned. A Manhattan with it’s makeup on (or off?). There are probably as many recipes for an old fashioned as people who have heard of it. This is mine (as i remember it from Dionysus).

Teaspoon of sugar. Officially it’s a sugar cube, but who has those?
Bitters – Dash or two
Splash of water.
Stir. Try to desolve the sugar even though you probably can’t in that little water.
Bourbon. Knob Creek is my preferred – just use something good.
Add a little splash of bourbon and keep trying to disolve the sugar, and then a bit more. After two tries, just say “fuck it” and add the rest. Or, that’s how i do it.
Maraschino Cherry. Excellent once it’s been soaking in bourbon for a while.
Sip. If you couldn’t dissolve all the sugar, leave the spoon and leisurely stir while you drink.

My new favorite. I made this while perusing my cocktail books. It’s my new drink of choice (because i’m not always up for something so hard).

Jigger (1 1/2 oz) Bourbon. Usually Beam – but something better wouldn’t do you wrong.
Bitters – few dashes.
Anisette – Teaspoon.
Ginger Ale – 4 oz.
Adjust to taste. More ginger ale takes some of the kick away. Less ginger ale, more kick. Sometimes it’s a bit too sweet for me, in which case i use half ginger ale, half club soda.

This is why i like experimenting; whiskey and anisette didn’t sound appealing at all, but i really like the little bite of freshness that it adds to a drink.

Whiskey Toddy. Excellent for a cold. Or a cold day.

Add to a mug:
Small stick of cinnamon.
Teaspoon sugar or honey. Honey is especially nice if you’re sick (and it’s good for your immune system if you buy honey that’s harvested local to you).
Splash of lemon juice.
3 oz boiling water.
Stir. Let steep for a few minutes.
1 oz whiskey.

I know it’s a mug and so you want to fill it all the way up, but i cools a lot faster than coffee or tea. If you are only planning to sip it slowly, it will be cold when you’re halfway through. That’s no good. At least the cinnamon and clove will still be good for a few refills.

Other favorite whiskey recipes?

And all you non-whiskey drinkers, i’m not ignoring you. I promise.

Lady Brett

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