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“It’s never, ever too early to start working on your Halloween costume.”

October 9, 2008

Advice from Her Sublime Femmeness, whose recent post has gotten me thinking on the subject.

At first, my penchant for Halloween was due to the prospect of eating my little self sick on candy for a week – plus, costumes are fun! Now it is mostly due to my adoration of costumes – plus, there’s candy!

I have a penchant for silly in my Halloween wear. Among my favorites (with apologies for skipping my entire childhood for lack of memory…there was a devil and a Dracula in there somewhere) are,

  • Photos from my first Halloween. I am crawling on a table in green tights, with a foam turtle shell. I inherited my penchant for Halloween from my dad, who made that costume.
  • The wicked witch of the west, freshman year of high school – pointy nose and chin, Mom’s black chaps and cowboy hat.
  • A fairy godmother, senior year. Friends screamed. Teachers didn’t recognize me. It was, i contend, the scariest costume in school that year – no one had ever seen me in a dress before, much less makeup and tights. I even had my hair did.
  • College included a mime. It was the most fun i’ve ever had in a Halloween costume – and super simple.
  • Me and Jake once dressed as milk cartons. Yes, matching costumes, but together we were…a pair of huge jugs. It hurts, yes, but you know it’s funny.

While everything else in life seems to keep getting better as i “grow up,” i have reached a sad point where i cannot generally don a costume on a whim. That was a real high point of college, but i have very exciting prospects on this front in the coming month. First, the Renaissance Festival! For the first time since i moved here – i’ve missed it so. The following week is our next drag show – my most regular excuse to be costumed. Then the peak of the costumed year: Halloween!

The question: what to wear? I have entertained notions of going as a treasure troll ever since i started growing my hair out. So, my dears, i have two questions for you: how does one make hair stand up like that? will i have to shave my head to get whatever i put in it out of it? I have messy, tangly, curly hair down to the small of my back. Fun as this would be, i’m afeared of the consequences, because i have no intention of cutting my hair! Plus, my girlfriend had informed me i am not allowed to ;)

The other long-standing costume-hopeful is the Dread Pirate Roberts. But i can’t bear the idea of a less-than-perfect Westley costume, so i think it will be a time-consuming project

But i’m still thinking over the possibilities.

Lady Brett

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  1. linaria permalink
    October 10, 2008 7:16 am

    *sigh *

    I used to start working on my Halloween costume in, like, August. But now that I live in a rural area (= no trick or treating, the houses are too far apart to be walkable), and my friends have spread out over the world, I don’t have a party to go to and thus don’t see the point.

    But two years ago K. and I were Captain Hook and Peter Pan. That was great fun. She makes an evil pirate.

  2. October 26, 2008 5:26 pm

    There are some great homemade costume sites out there, and I’ve seen the troll thing done on one of them! They placed a plastic cup on their heads, pulled their hair up around and over it, then secured it above it. Add hair spray and teasing to the mix and you’ve got troll hair! There’s one shampoo wash out color you can spray on as well. Good luck with it, I had that idea this year too and if my other costume hadn’t worked out I was going to use it!

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