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“made me spend my last ten bucks on birth control and beer”

October 2, 2008

So, as there is an election coming up, i think i am going to try to do somewhat regular posts on each campaigns’ view on different issues, in some detail. We all have a vague idea what they each stand for, but the details of the policy statements they’ve made are harder to find – or at least to remember. And sometimes even our vague ideas are totally off target.

In preparation for the Veep debate tonight, here’s a two-fer: Vice Presidential suitability and abortion rights. I’ve already covered my thoughts on the first, so i just want to say that i love the way Biden frames Roe v. Wade here. Here’s the substance (or lack):

Lady Brett
“I Spent My Last Ten Bucks” – Two Nice Girls

p.s. Sarah Palin catchphrase bingo, in case you need something to keep your mind off of the reality of the debate.

p.p.s. one of my favorite bumper stickers ever says PRO (in big letters, so it prefixes all of these) -life -choice -phylactic. i think it was a planned parenthood thing, but i can’t find it anywhere. it encompasses my views quite accurately, though. (and that’s all i’ll say about *ahem* “culture of life”).

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