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“I guess I knew the tricks that all boys knew.”

October 1, 2008
artist rendition of little brett circa 9th grade

Artist rendition of Little Brett circa 9th grade.

I have recently started, semi-intentionally, to refer to my childhood using the term boy – “when i was a boy…” “i was such a little boy.” I always used to say “kid,” but boy feels much more accurate and descriptive to me; i can’t help but think that when i say “kid” people imagine me, but smaller. “Boy” surely brings up more accurate images of shorts and G.I. Joe’s and such.

But i wasn’t just a little boy – i was a big boy too. The description probably didn’t actually become inaccurate until sometime in the midst of college. So why is it that i never consider(ed) myself butch? Butch is – super simply – masculinity on a female, which was true. But, to me, butch is an adult description: man, woman, butch, femme. And my masculinity was never an adult masculinity, it was always of a childish sort, even though it stuck around into what might have been my adulthood. At least, that’s my take.

Lady Brett
“When I Was a Boy” – Dar Williams

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  1. October 3, 2008 8:20 am

    interesting take. i was looking through the local craiglist personals the other day (hello procrastination!) and saw a person who described her self as a ‘boi’ though she listed her age as mid-40s. nothing wrong with that, but it did cross my mind, i sort of hope i’m through my ‘boi’ phase by then? but that may be some unexamined normative assumptions about time speaking there…

    you were some cool dude in ninth grade, i gotta say.

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