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Foodie Friday: apron, wooden spoon, caramelized onion

August 22, 2008


One of my favorite kitchen tools is my apron (you may be realizing now that i have a lot of favorites in this category, just humor me). Aprons in general are quite handy. The basic purpose is pretty obvious: keeping food and stuff off of you. More specifically, that means that you can cook breakfast without putting clothes on (because cooking naked is a bad idea), or not bother changing if you’re cooking in a hurry after work, and it’s indispensable if there is any flour involved – for years i only used mine for baking. Best of all? Aprons are made for that thing your mom always griped at you about: wiping your hands on your clothes. So there!

My apron is even cooler. My friend made it for me for Christmas a few years ago – it’s got a pockets flap, which is wonderfully useful. But the best part is that it’s a Spiderman apron. No, not like an “enables me to climb on the ceiling of my kitchen” apron, like it’s made of Spidey fabrics. It’s kind of the 7-year-old boy version of a cute frilly apron. It’s super goofy and i like it lots (also it’s blue, not white, so it never looks filthy…only sometimes covered in flour).

Plus, wearing my apron makes me feel sort of goofily wifey. Like earlier this week, when i was cooking dinner – apron on, wooden spoon in hand – and chatting with Jamie. She said something snarky. So, naturally, i raised my eyebrows and waggled my spoon at her. Wait, no, not naturally at all, that must’ve been the apron! It earned me an “I can think of something to do with that.” So, Sinclair, there is my belated answer to your question. In the kitchen with a wooden spoon. And, just to prove that aprons and wooden spoons are totally adorable: (or maybe it’s actually the girl)





So, why the apron and wooden spoon?

Caramelized Onions, of course. (Again from my veggie cookbook…by memory, so don’t blame the cookbook if it’s wonky)

1 lb baby onions (cherry-tomato sized) also, i’m certain it would be as good with chopped up big onions, but these are totally cute.
Splash olive oil
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp tomato sauce (or chopped up tomatoes)
1/4 cup raisins (i didn’t have raisins, so i used craisins and chopped dates)
1 cup water

Heat the oil, add everything else, bring to a boil, simmer ’till almost all the liquid is gone (30 minutes?).

Note on the wooden spoon: not strictly necessary, but the sweet/cooking for a long while lends itself to terrible sticking, so i recommend something non-stick (mine: my omg-my-brother-really-loves-me Le Creuset pot: ), and utensils not wooden scratch those things. Plus, the sexy/snarky aspect.

Freaking excellent, but i found it a bit too sweet to just eat alone. It made a brilliant sauce and veg (and i added some more veg) for some pasta.

I packed some of it for Jamie to take to work –
Skeptical Coworker 1 – “What’s that?”
Coworker 2 – “Her hippy-crunchy-girlfriend made it. I wouldn’t eat it.”
Apparently she induced them to try it, and everyone liked it. I’m mostly just super amused by my new title. (Said by the same friend/coworker who told Jamie, “I know y’all are into some kinky shit; i’ve seen the way you look at her.” Busted. On two counts – i’ve got no defense to being kinky or crunchy =)

Back from working-all-hours-land,
Lady Brett

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