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“i guess I’ve always needed to be needed by someone”

August 4, 2008

What a weekend. What a lovely weekend.

Jamie told me at lunch that i’d make a great dad. It’s possible she’s right. It was definitely cute. And i think she is constantly, mildly trying to decompose my opinions on children. We ate at one of my very favorite restaurants – not because of the food (which is fine and convenient, but nothing to write home about), but because everyone who works there rocks. Like the hardcore-looking dude who looked at my shirt and said “oh, my boyfriend likes that band.” My neighbor who works there came up and was like “oh, is this your new girlfriend? Oh, ’cause i was about to tell you that [totally fucking adorable other girl who works there] is totally into you. Or, well, i guess i just did tell you.” I heart that place.

Jamie said quite some time ago that she’d never been a top before me. This weekend she said that maybe she wasn’t a bottom before, but just bored. I must say, that required some explanation. So, that is, boring sex means why put so much effort into it? I found it an interesting thought. And, you know, flattering.

She mentioned also that we’re an odd pair, which was greatly reassuring to me. I was concerned that maybe i was being crazy, bitchy or paranoid in thinking so myself. I should know by now that she’s got all this shit figured out.

And something about liking feeling needed. Which gives me a funny combination of warm fuzzies and freaky panic.

I was a bit…incapacitated…so she was kind enough to even take the cap off the bottle of water. Which turned into sliding the cap over my skin. Prickly. In a good way, for certain. It leaves pretty, temporary, parallel white scratch lines as well. She asked what i thought. I said something about sharp. She said something about knives.

Have i mentioned i love this girl? I swear it’s not only because she wants to play with knives, but…it helps. Note, she brought it up, not me. (To think i was afraid of scaring her off ;) By lovely coincidence my pocket knife had fallen out on the bed at some point. And it’s true, knives are sexy. I always thought so, but you can never tell ’till you’re there where that line between fantasy and reality lies (i haven’t found one yet, myself, but it might well be in there somewhere).

All this to say she makes me very happy. The weekend was the perfect reinforcement.

Lady Brett
“Be Gentle With Me” – The Boy Least Likely To

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  1. buddhistfemme permalink
    August 4, 2008 1:48 pm

    This was a very sweet post. That’s great that she just threw it out there that you make an odd couple and you both acknowledged it and moved on. And what a nice coincidence about the knife falling out of your pocket! Congrats- sounds like you have a good thing going.

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