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“girl, now don’t you go start talking crazy”

June 24, 2008

Jamie was sick last night. There wasn’t really much to be done for it, but i took her to the pharmacy, and we cuddled and talked until we fell asleep. She kept thanking me for being sweet and taking care of her. It makes me sad, because that’s just what girlfriends do (and, really, i don’t think i do it particularly well or anything) – at least, by my experience it is. And it just makes me sad a little every time she is surprised by me being good to her. I mean, it also makes me really happy, but…

…then she brings me a sunflower to work. And she says i’m sweet!

Lady Brett
“I Still Do” – Reckless Kelly

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  1. June 24, 2008 8:17 pm

    Aw, you two are disgustingly adorable. I think when a girlfriend is sick it’s some of the best bonding time. You get to be extra tentative and good to them and in their ill state they REALLY REALLY appreciate all the tissues, soup and rented lame movies!

  2. June 24, 2008 8:17 pm

    tentative… uhhh… by which i mean, attentive. hahaha.

  3. June 25, 2008 3:59 pm

    it’s true…it’s all true

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