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“hey old lady let’s go”

June 16, 2008

We went to a picnic, fun stuff in the park thing with all the little queer kids. It was great fun- if hot as hell and muggy gross. Most especially water balloon dodgeball, which it turns out i’m pretty damn good at. Being good at things is always fun, of course, but it meant i didn’t actually get wet. Fortunately there was a good old-fashioned water balloon fight to fix that problem. Happy!

On our way out, i gave Ray’s lady (newish; i totally like her) a hug and a bye. She said something about me running around like a kid, and being soaked, and then, “oh, and you got a bit bruised.” I said “oh? hmm,” and i didn’t laugh. Well, not until we were gone and i told Jamie about it. Those are, you may have guessed, not playing in the park bruises, but fading bite marks. I suppose that is what i get for wearing a tank top.

We were hanging out later with my posse. Jamie gave Miss a hug, “Ooh, your shirt’s silky,” (pet) “Man, that’s the only thing i miss about dating really femme girls.” Before she’d really finished, Miss jumped it with something like “Whoa! Do you really want to say that in front of your girlfriend?” I can see what she meant, but it would never have occurred to me on my own that it might be offensive. So i just laughed (i would have anyway, it was totally cute), and said she’d have to try harder than that to upset me.
Jamie said, “Note i said ‘the only thing i miss,'” a little defensive, but mostly, i think, amused, because the whole interaction just proved her point exactly.

Lady Brett
“Motel Cowboy Show” – Reckless Kelly

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