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“i’m recording our history now on the bedroom wall”

June 12, 2008

Oh my god, some people’s brains are so sexy!

The architect who remodeled this NY apartment built a complex scavenger hunt – and a few other tidbits – into the building itself, unbeknownst to the family who lived there. This is the stuff of my dreams, i swear. I spent long hours of my childhood dreaming about and designing cool bizarre houses full of secrets. (And there was that night in high school when me and Persephone drew a treasure map in a closet of the half-constructed house we were sneaking around in.) Be sure to check out the slide show – it’s way cooler than the article itself. One piece of the secret:

The whole thing rather reminds me of The Eleventh Hour, by Graeme Base – another way i spent hours (weeks, i think actually) of my childhood.

And, while we’re on the subject of awesome, funny, smart and sneaky (though perhaps a bit less so):

There is the guy who wrapped his friend’s entire apartment and all of the contents in aluminum foil. He was housesitting it for 5 days. (click the image for an entire gallery of the prank).

Which prompted this response prank, an apartment-turned-rodent cage. Again, there’s a whole gallery of this, just click.

Lady Brett
“Both Hands” – Ani DiFranco

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