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“yes we’re going to a party party”

June 3, 2008

Jamie had said she wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday. She came by to pick me up and told me she’d decided to cook dinner at her place (so i brought Dog with me to play with her pups). We got in, she pushed me up against the kitchen counter and kissed me, said “come look” and took me over to the patio doors. It was all decorated, totally cute! She’s so sweet; i think i told her as much. She just said, “well, go look,” so i went out on the patio to look around, and saw all my buddies (“surprise!”). And i was. (A few of them had told me they already had plans when i asked if they wanted to come hang out after me and Jamie did dinner. And, well, they did, i suppose.)

I had the best birthday party ever. Also, Jamie made the best cake ever (did i mention she can do everything). I’m sure someone has a picture i can put up, but so far i haven’t seen any of the party photos. Which is probably just as well…i think there are a lot of pictures of me getting my birthday spankings with a plush whip. And of cake-in-the-face.

We went out to the bar afterwards, at which point we lost a few people and gained a few others. People kept buying me drinks, and, well…Sunday we went to dinner with Jamie’s roommate. He said, “so…i heard you got pretty fucked up last night.” I said, “yeah, that’s what i heard too.” Yeah…that is not normally my style (like, pretty sure that’s never happened before). I do wish i hadn’t drank so much; after the big blank space where we apparently went home i do remember, but it’s so fuzzy. And, oh i so want it to be clear – there was my collar, cuffs tied to the bed…and i haven’t scared her off (surprised, yes, but nothing bad. i’ll have to elaborate on that sometime). She said she’ll have to show me again since i don’t remember it as well as i ought. Shucks.

Sunday was lazy; breakfast, pets, movie, sex on the couch (given the fuzziness of the night before, that may have been the best yet, holy shit. We even waited till the movie was over. Though i don’t think we saw the credits start rolling.), dinner with friends. Fortunately that mark she left on the back of my thigh was an inch or two above the hem of my skirt – i was wearing the short one. I love being marked (maybe i’ll have to elaborate on that sometime too).

Hell of a happy birthday to me!!

Lady Brett
“Birthday” – The Beatles

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  1. June 4, 2008 3:27 am

    happy birthday!

  2. June 5, 2008 12:51 pm

    Hmm… Sounds like a fantastic Birthday! It’s a shame about your lack of clarity, but try to think of it as seeing a sexy picture in soft focus.

    A virtual rose and a kiss, Lady Brett.
    Happy Birthday from Vic

  3. June 5, 2008 1:06 pm

    thanks guys!

    and, vic, thanks for the photographer’s pov advice ;)

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