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Bits and Pieces

May 23, 2008

A few weeks ago my kings had a party, it was maybe the second time she’d hung out with them. We were late – to the extent that you can be late to an overnight shindig. When we get there Miss just gives me an “mmhmm” instead of a hug, all pretend huffy like she likes to do, and then, to the rest of the room, “guys, i know you told me not to say it, but,” she turns to us, “i hope the sex was worth it.” No pause, “Oh, it was!”

Is it ever.

On Miss’ list of things learned/to remember when canoing: i realize not everyone can bring a Jamie, but someone/thing close will make life a lot easier!

Jamie and i were talking about an event from a few months ago. She said, “oh, yeah, that was back when i was still scared to talk to you.” Huh? I’m not very scary. Oh, like nervous ’cause she liked me. That totally intimidates me.

We all went out the other evening. I keep failing to give my alter-ego a name, so hows about we just call him the Boy? (Funny thing about hanging out with the troupe, we use each other’s real and drag names kind of interchangeably depending on what someone does or says.) When i was sitting cuddled up against Jamie with her arm around me, Momma came over to tell us we were cute and, “finally, someone other than [her and Bouncer] to make everyone sick.” Bouncer just said, “Hey! Look at Boy riding bitch tonight!”

Jamie, this morning, “You surprise me. You think a girl’s all sweet and quiet, and then you find a box of leather under her bed.”

Lady Brett

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